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The bronze coffin is an item that can store up to three shade remains of any different type. It is obtained by bringing bronze locks and a broken coffin to Dampe by the entrance to the Shade Catacombs. Shade remains cannot be burnt directly from the coffin and must be removed prior to constructing the pyre.

The coffin has several right-click options available:

  • Fill - Stores all shade remains in the player's inventory into the coffin, providing there is space inside.
  • Configure - Gives three options for the player:
    • Check Shade Count - Informs the player of how many shade remains are inside the coffin.
    • Empty Coffin - Opens an interface and prompts the player to remove the desired remains.
    • Open/Close Coffin - Opens the coffin, which will have shade remains that the player picks up be automatically placed inside the coffin, providing there is space for it. Closing the coffin will instead have shade remains placed into the inventory when picked up.
  • Remove lock - Prompts the player if they really want to remove the lock, and warns that any shade remains stored will be lost.

Creation[edit | edit source]

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Broken coffin.pngBroken coffin1N/A
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Total Cost3,628
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Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
24 February 2021
  • The "Remove lock" option was replaced by "Open" and "Close" options.
  • An "Open" and "Close" option while equipped was added.