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A bucket of wax is obtained by using insect repellent on a beehive in the apiary south of Seers' Village, west of Catherby, then using a bucket on the beehive. This process must be repeated per bucket of wax. It is used in the Merlin's Crystal and Troll Romance quests.

There is a bucket spawn right beside the gate of the apiary.

In the Merlin's Crystal quest, Morgan Le Faye tells the player how to release Merlin in exchange for sparing Sir Mordred's life, requiring a black candle among other things. The Candle maker in Catherby offers to make one for the player if they bring him a bucket of wax.

In the Troll Romance quest, swamp tar is used on a bucket of wax with a cake tin in the inventory to make wax. The wax is then used on the sled, so that players can slide down Trollweiss Mountain to get to the trollweiss they need to pick.

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