Burning of Avarrocka

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This topic name is not found in-game.
While the name or title of this topic is not officially recognised in-game, the information contained on this page is still considered to be canon and is based on official sources.

Burning of Avarrocka is unofficial name given to avarrocka burning down between years 700 and 800 of 4th Age.

It was battle between goblin armies and human population of avarrocka, resulting in heavy losses to human kind, while losses of goblins are unknown. As of result, almost all of city was lost, with only handful of survivors.

Arrav, a mighty hero of Avarrocka, was out of the city while all this happened and couldn't lead army of varrock. Once making his way back to town, he saw black smoke behind the forest and instantly feared the worst of what and where it might come from. Once he stood on the ruins of his mighty home town, he went to look for survivors who could avenge the city and slaughter goblins who brought all of it upon the city. He found some survivors east of the city, most likely where once Saranthium stood.

Arrav gathered some men and went to repay the goblins. Once in the goblin village, ready to make the move, he understoood that all of this isn't necesarry. That goblin and human could live in union and offered peace. Goblins accepted it and started to coexist and live their daily life with people of varrock, while human were also allowed to goblin villages and areas.

The peace still stands till this day, even though there has been more conflicts. Most people have accepted way of peace, with some exceptions like H.A.M still existing in current days.