Burning of Avarrocka

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Burning of Avarrocka
Date Mid-Late Fourth Age
Place Avarrocka (Varrock)
Outcome Goblin and human peace
People of Varrock Goblins
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown
Most of varrock city and population Unknown

The Burning of Avarrocka is the unofficial name given to a battle between the goblin armies and the human population of Avarrocka between the years 700 and 800 of 4th Age.[1]

The battle resulted in heavy losses to for the humans. There were only a handful of survivors, and almost all of city was lost. The goblins' losses are unknown.

Arrav, the mighty hero of Avarrocka, was not in the town when the battle occurred. However, upon seeing black smoke rising from behind the forest, he quickly rushed back to the town.[2] After finding the town burned to the ground,[3] he went to look for survivors who could avenge the city and slaughter the goblins who had destroyed the city. He found some survivors east of the city, most likely where Saranthium once stood.[4]

Arrav gathered some men and went to take revenge on the goblins.[5] When the men arrived at the goblin village and were ready to attack, Arrav had a sudden change of heart. Realizing that goblin and human could live in harmony, he offered peace.[6] The goblins accepted Arrav's offer, and the two groups began to coexist peacefully. Some humans began to visit the goblins, while some goblins began to travel to the Avarrocka's market in order to trade.[7]

An account of the battle is given in its entirety in the The Legend of Arrav.

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