Cabbage (Draynor Manor)

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This article is about a type of cabbage that is specifically found at Draynor Manor. For regular cabbage found everywhere else, see cabbage.
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A cabbage picked at Draynor Manor is unlike other cabbages; it appears slightly darker, and when eaten, it heals 1 hitpoint and gives a +1 (under level 50) or +2 (level 50 and above) Defence boost which drains by 1 defense point every minute, for a maximum boosted total of 2 minutes. Seven cabbage are located in between the west side of the house and the fence directly north of the farming patch on the minimap. During the Black Knights' Fortress quest, players learned that Draynor Manor cabbages are enchanted (as is everything that grows at the manor), and that is why it tastes better than other cabbages.

The cabbage's Defence boost does not stack with other Defence boosts, regardless of the order in which boosts are activated.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This item is the only guaranteed method of boosting Defence in Free-to-play outside of Castle Wars, with the only other possible method (Kebabs) being extremely unreliable.
  • If you tried to use one of these cabbages during the sabotage part of the Black Knights' Fortress quest you would receive a warning message saying "This is the wrong sort of cabbage!" and afterwards your character would say "I'm not supposed to be HELPING the witch you know..."
  • This cabbage cannot be stored in a sack, as it is different from the standard cabbage that can be stored. This also means it cannot be used as payment for farmers to watch over tomatoes or Krandorian hops.
  • Cabbages from Draynor Manor are slightly darker in colour than regular cabbages.