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Cabbage cape detail.png

The cabbage cape is an item that can be purchased from Diango's Toy Store. It has the same stats as coloured capes and team capes.

It was initially obtained during the 2016 April Fools when players achieved level 120 in the Cabbage Picking skill. When players trained to this level, they were able to purchase the cape from Kupus Varza for 10 cabbages. After the event it was made available at Diango's store.

This item can be stored in the toy box of a costume room.

A player performing the Cabbage cape's emote.

It resembles a Cape of Accomplishment and allows the Skill Cape emote to be performed when worn. It cannot be used instead of a legitimate skillcape for the elite Falador diary task.

Shop locations[edit | edit source]

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Diango's Toy Store.Draynor Village100.6sCoins 100.png 150N/AFree-to-play icon.png

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • A bug existed where the Skill Cape emote icon is not highlighted even though the emote can be performed. This was due to the emote checking for event quest variables to highlight the emote icon instead of just the item being equipped, and was fixed with the release of the 2021 Birthday event.
  • For the first few hours after this event was released, players could use the skillcape emote to complete a task in the elite Falador Diary requiring the player to use a skillcape emote on top of the White Knights' Castle. This oversight was patched very soon after being found.
  • The cape is similar to the Brassican cloak in Runescape 3.