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Details[edit | edit source]

Start pointMinimap icon Talk to Bill Teach at The Green Ghost inn in Port Phasmatys. Show on map
Official difficultyExperienced
DescriptionIt's war on the high seas as Bill Teach tries to make the journey from Port Phasmatys to the pirate enclave of Mos Le'Harmless! With his crew heading for the hills, he's looking to recruit anyone eager to become a pirate to help him sink the enemy before he ends up swimming home. He's offering a lot more than a shilling to join his crew. Have you got what it takes to be a pirate?
Official lengthShort
Items required
You don't need to bring any items yourself. However, make sure that you have at least 11 open inventory spaces for items you will obtain during the quest. A higher amount, like 14 open spaces, is recommended however.
Enemies to defeat

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Setting sail[edit | edit source]

  • Travel to Port Phasmatys (take a charter ship if you don't have Ectophial).
  • Talk to Bill Teach in the inn. (Chat 11)
  • Run to the dock, board the eastern-most ship.
  • Talk to Bill Teach. (Chat 1)

Sabotage[edit | edit source]

  • Open the repair locker, take 4 ropes.
  • Open the gun locker, take 1 fuse.
  • Take the tinderbox spawn at the south end of the ship
  • Climb the ship's ladder, then use the climbing net connected to the mast.
  • Use rope on the hoisted sail.
  • Use the fuse on their powder barrel.
  • Use the tinderbox to light the fuse (this can fail).
  • Climb their climbing net and use a rope on the hoisted sail.
  • Talk to Bill Teach.

Fixing the leaks[edit | edit source]

  • Descend the ship's ladder.
  • Take from the repair locker:
    • 6 planks.
    • A hammer.
    • 30 tacks.
    • 3 swamp paste.
  • Repair the leaky holes and use swamp paste to waterproof them.
  • Talk to Bill Teach.

Pirate plunder[edit | edit source]

  • Swing back over to the enemy ship.
  • Climb down their ladder.
  • Gather 10 plunder by:
    • Plunder their chest,
    • Ransack their barrel,
    • Loot their crate,
    • Hop worlds to collect more plunder quickly.
  • Swing across with the plunder.
  • Deposit the plunder in the chest on the lower deck.
  • Talk to Bill Teach.

Cannon[edit | edit source]

  • Search the gun locker and take a cannon barrel.
  • Repair the broken cannon on the top deck.
  • Talk to Bill Teach.
  • Search the gun locker, take a ramrod, a few fuses, and some cannon canisters.
  • Take some powder from the barrel next to the cannon.
    • Use gunpowder on the cannon.
    • Then the ramrod.
    • Then the canister.
    • Then a fuse.
    • Fire the cannon! (Make sure pirates line up with your cannon before firing)
      • Note: If you have your "NPC 'Attack' option" set to "Hidden" you will not be able to damage the pirates.
    • Use the ramrod on the cannon again to clean it.
  • Repeat until 3 pirates die (OR until you run out of cannon canisters in your inventory, and when you try to take more it will say "you do not need a canister round right now" move on to the next step: Talk to Bill Teach).
    • Note: it may be faster to intentionally run out of canisters.
  • Talk to Bill Teach.
  • Search the gun locker, take several cannon balls, fuses, and cannon barrels. Take gunpowder from the barrel next to the cannon.
  • Fire the cannon with cannonballs until you put three holes in the enemy's ship. This is done with the same sequence above except instead of a canister, a cannonball is used instead - you will likely have to fire it more than three times and possibly repair it multiple times.
    • The sequence goes:
      • Right-click Empty-Out Cannon
      • Ramrod to clean
      • Add powder
      • Ramrod the powder down
      • Cannon ball
      • Fuse
      • Fire
  • Congratulations, quest complete!
    • Talk to Bill Teach in the pub afterwards to get your share of the loot, 10,000 coins.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Cabin Fever reward scroll.png

Required for completing[edit | edit source]