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Templates used
Calculator:Abyssal pearls/Template

This calculator determines the amount of searches required at the Rewards guardian to reach a specific number of Abyssal pearls

template = Calculator:Abyssal pearls/Template
form = searchCalc
result = searchResult
param = pearls|Current pearls|0|int|0-69420
param = goal|Goal pearls|0|int|0-69420
param = pouchesOwned|All essence pouches/colossal pouch owned?|yes|check|yes,no
param = shop|Use checklist|false|toggleswitch||pearlShop
param = pearlShop|Pearl shop||group|shopHat,shopTop,shopBottom,shopBoots,shopSet,shopRing,shopEye,shopLantern
param = shopHat|Hat 400 pearls|no|check|yes,no|
param = shopTop|Top 350 pearls|no|check|yes,no
param = shopBottom|Bottom 350 pearls|no|check|yes,no
param = shopBoots|Boots 250 pearls|no|check|yes,no
param = shopSet|Set 1350 pearls|no|check|yes,no
param = shopRing|Ring 400 pearls|no|check|yes,no
param = shopEye|Guardian's eye 3000 pearls|no|check|yes,no
param = shopLantern|Abyssal Lantern 1500 pearls|no|check|yes,no
autosubmit = enabled
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