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This is a calculator to figure out how many books of arcane knowledge from the Arceuus Library you need to get to a certain level.

Special note: Book of arcane knowledge gives you experience for Magic or Runecraft based on your current level in those skills. So this calculator walks through the levels to figure out how many you need.

Templates used
Calculator:Arceuus library book/Template

template = Calculator:Arceuus library book/Template
form = libraryBookCalcForm
result = libraryBookCalcResult
param = skill|Skill|Magic|buttonselect|Magic,Runecraft|Magic=startingMagicXP;Runecraft=startingRunecraftXP
param = hs|Player name||hs|startingMagicXP,7,2;startingRunecraftXP,21,2;
param = startingMagicXP|Starting XP|0|int|0-200000000
param = startingRunecraftXP|Starting XP|0|int|0-200000000
param = targetType|Target|Level|buttonselect|Level,XP|Level=target;XP=targetXP
param = target|Target Level|1|int|1-127
param = targetXP|Target XP|0|int|0-200000000
param = twistedLeague|Twisted League|no|togglebutton|yes,no|tlGroup
param = tlGroup|Twisted League Relics||group|fixedTLNotice,tlTier2, tlTier5
param = fixedTLNotice|NOTE:|The Player Lookup above only gets XP for the main game.|fixed
param = tlTier2|Tier 2|None|buttonselect|None,Gift of the Gatherer,Way of the Warrior||Gift of the Gather gives a 2x XP multiplier to Runecraft, Way of the Warrior gives a 2x XP multiplier to Magic
param = tlTier5|Tier 5|None|buttonselect|None,Xerics Wisdom||Xeric's Wisdom gives a 2x XP multiplier to all skills
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