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Calculator:Barrows item repair/Template

Calculates the cost to repair Barrows equipment at different levels of degradation from a player-owned house armour stand or from Bob, Tindel Marchant, Dunstan, or Squire.

The price listed is the maximum possible cost at that percentage. It may be up to 120, 180, 160, or 200 cheaper by for helmets, bodies, legs, or weapons respectively.

template = Calculator:Barrows item repair/Template
form = barrowsItemRepairForm
result = barrowsItemRepairResult

param = name|Name||hs|smithingLevel,14,1;
param = smithingLevel|Smithing level|1|int|1-99
param = boost|Smithing boost|0|int|0-5

param = degradedLevel|Degraded level|100|buttonselect|100,75,50,25,0|100=percentBeforeDegrade;75=percentBeforeDegrade;50=percentBeforeDegrade;25=percentBeforeDegrade
param = percentBeforeDegrade|Percent until next degradation:|1|int|1-100

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