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This is a static calculator.
It does not take user inputs, but it does use changing prices from the Grand Exchange Market Watch. If prices appear to be outdated, purge the page by clicking here.

This calculator provides a cost-analysis of brewing ales. Note that due to low trading amounts, the Grand Exchange value may not reflect the actual value of the items. This is especially true in the case of kegs.

Basic Ingredients[edit | edit source]

All ales except cider require the following ingredients:

Name Cost
Bucket of water.png: Inventory image of Bucket of water Bucket of water (2x) 40
Barley malt.png: Inventory image of Barley malt Barley malt (2x) 1,976
Calquat keg.png: Inventory image of Calquat keg Calquat keg (2x) or 260
Beer glass.png: Inventory image of Beer glass Beer glass (8x) 424
Ale yeast.png: Inventory image of Ale yeast Ale yeast (1x) 25
Total (Beer glass) 2,465
Total (Calquat keg) 2,301

Calculator[edit | edit source]

Ale CookingCooking icon.png Level Ingredient GE Price Regular Ale Mature Ale
Glass GE Price Profit Keg GE Price Profit Glass GE Price Profit Keg GE Price Profit
Cider.png: Inventory image of Cider Cider 14 Apple mush.png: Inventory image of Apple mush Apple mush (4x) 34 Cider.png 259 1,911 Cider (keg).png 5,708 5,547 Mature cider.png 42,166 337,167 Cider(m) (keg).png 67,285 67,124
Dwarven stout.png: Inventory image of Dwarven stout Dwarven stout 19 Hammerstone hops.png: Inventory image of Hammerstone hops Hammerstone hops (4x) 203 Dwarven stout.png 93 -2,533 Dwarven stout (keg).png 18,276 15,163 Dwarven stout(m).png 25,138 197,827 Dwarven stout(m) (keg).png 287,674 284,561
Asgarnian ale.png: Inventory image of Asgarnian ale Asgarnian ale 24 Asgarnian hops.png: Inventory image of Asgarnian hops Asgarnian hops (4x) 244 Asgarnian ale.png 100 -2,641 Asgarnian ale (keg).png 6,943 3,666 Asgarnian ale(m).png 2,006 12,607 Asgarnian ale(m) (keg).png 2,486 -791
Greenman's ale.png: Inventory image of Greenman's ale Greenman's ale 29 Harralander.png: Inventory image of Harralander Harralander (4x) 597 Greenman's ale.png 755 1,187 Greenmans ale.png 17,137 12,448 Greenman's ale(m).png 34,940 274,667 Greenmans ale(m).png 154,921 150,232
Wizard's mind bomb.png: Inventory image of Wizard's mind bomb Wizard's mind bomb 34 Yanillian hops.png: Inventory image of Yanillian hops Yanillian hops (4x) 1,058 Wizard's mind bomb.png 100 -5,897 Mind bomb.png 19,565 13,032 Mature  wmb.png 7,100 50,103 Mind bomb(m).png 19,398 12,865
Dragon bitter.png: Inventory image of Dragon bitter Dragon bitter 39 Krandorian hops.png: Inventory image of Krandorian hops Krandorian hops (4x) 135 Dragon bitter.png 506 1,043 Dragon bitter (keg).png 5,221 2,380 Dragon bitter(m).png 309 -533 Dragon bitter(m) (keg).png 13,082 10,241
Moonlight mead.png: Inventory image of Moonlight mead Moonlight mead 44 Mushroom.png: Inventory image of Mushroom Mushroom (4x) 110 Moonlight mead.png 98 -2,121 Moonlight mead (keg).png 143,654 140,913 Moonlight mead(m).png 3,952 28,711 Moonlight mead(m) (keg).png 200,000 197,259
Axeman's folly.png: Inventory image of Axeman's folly Axeman's folly 49 Oak roots.png: Inventory image of Oak roots Oak roots (1x) 48 Axeman's folly.png 1,783 11,751 Axeman's folly (keg).png 25,944 23,595 Axeman's folly(m).png 45,435 360,967 Axeman's folly(m) (keg).png 235,449 233,100
Chef's delight.png: Inventory image of Chef's delight Chef's delight 54 Chocolate dust.png: Inventory image of Chocolate dust Chocolate dust (4x) 69 Chef's delight.png 1,625 10,259 Chef's delight (keg).png 18,125 15,548 Chef's delight(m).png 64,479 513,091 Chef's delight(m) (keg).png 183,577 181,000
Slayer's respite.png: Inventory image of Slayer's respite Slayer's respite 59 Wildblood hops.png: Inventory image of Wildblood hops Wildblood hops (4x) 51 Slayer's respite.png 19 -2,517 Slayer's respite (keg).png 38,216 35,711 Slayer's respite(m).png 37,922 300,707 Slayer's respite(m) (keg).png 358,653 356,148