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Templates used
Calculator:Farming/Supercompost profit/Template

This calculator calculates the cost and profit of creating supercompost with different ingredients in both regular compost bins and the big compost bin.

template = Calculator:Farming/Supercompost profit/Template
form = SCInput
result = SCOutput
param = ingredient|Ingredient|Watermelon|select|Avantoe, Cadantine, Calquat fruit, Celastrus bark, Coconut, Coconut shell, Dragonfruit, Dwarf weed, Kwuarm, Jangerberries, Lantadyme, Magic roots, Maple roots, Mushroom, Oak roots, Papaya fruit, Pineapple, Poison ivy berries, Snapdragon, Snape grass, Tenti pineapple, Toadflax, Torstol, Watermelon, White berries, White lily, White tree fruit, Willow roots, Yew roots
param = bucket_offset|Include cost of buying buckets from the Grand Exchange|false|check
param = cocomilk_offset|Include coconut milk when calculating profit from coconut shells|false|check
param = grimy_herbs|Use grimy rather than clean herbs|false|check
Please input the data and submit the form.
Cost and profit
per bin and big bin
Big bin03,780