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Schematic (complete).png
Templates used

Allows you to calculate the damage taken inside the Wintertodt minigame.
You need to have 50 firemaking to attend the game.
Minimum damage from Standard attack is 1, Brazier is 2, and Area attack is 1

template = Calculator:Firemaking/Wintertodt/Template
form = WtForm
result = WtResult
param = playername|Name||hs|firemakingLevel_Input,12,1;hitpointsLevel_Input,4,1
param = firemakingLevel_Input|Firemaking Level|50|int|50-99|
param = hitpointsLevel_Input|Hitpoints Level|10|int|10-99|
param = warmItems_Input|Number of warm items worn|0|select|0,1,2,3,4
param = braziersLit_Input|Number of braziers lit (only affects standard attacks)|0|select|0,1,2,3

Please input the data and submit the form.

Attack type Damage taken
Standard attack (Wintertodt cold) 3
Brazier attack (Explosion) 4
Area attack (X-attack) 6