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Templates used

Allows you to calculate the damage taken inside the Wintertodt minigame
You need to have 50 firemaking to attend the game.

template = Calculator:Firemaking/Wintertodt/Template
form = WtForm
result = WtResult
param = playername|Name||hs|firemakingLevel_Input,12,1;hitpointsLevel_Input,4,1
param = firemakingLevel_Input|Firemaking Level|50|int|50-99|
param = hitpointsLevel_Input|Hitpoints Level|10|int|10-99|
param = warmItems_Input|Number of warm items worn|0|select|0,1,2,3,4
param = braziersLit_Input|Number of braziers lit (only affects standard attacks)|0|select|0,1,2,3

Please input the data and submit the form.

Attack type Damage taken
Standard attack 3
Brazier attack 4
Area attack 6