Calculator:Fishing/Barbarian fishing

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Templates used
template = Calculator:Fishing/Template/Barbarian_fishing
form = BarbFishingCalcForm
result = BarbFishingResults
param = playername|Player name||hs|startingFishing,11,1;startingAgility,17,1;startingStrength,3,1
param = startingFishing|Starting Fishing Level|1|int|1-99
param = startingAgility|Starting Agility Level|1|int|1-99
param = startingStrength|Starting Strength Level|1|int|1-99

param = hasAngler|Using Angler's Outfit?|false|toggleswitch||anglerParts
param = anglerParts|Angler's Outfit Parts||group|anglerHat,anglerTop,anglerWaders,anglerBoots

param = anglerHat|Angler Hat (0.4%)|false|check|
param = anglerTop|Angler Top (0.8%)|false|check|
param = anglerWaders|Angler Waders (0.6%)|false|check|
param = anglerBoots|Angler Boots (0.2%)|false|check

autosubmit = disabled
Please wait for the form to load; if the form does not load try the following:
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  • Checking that you have JavaScript enabled in your browser
  • Checking your custom JavaScript does not interfere with the calculator script in any way