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Templates used
Calculator:Skill calc/Template

General notes[edit source]

  • Importing your Old School RuneScape stats will use your experience by default instead of your level for greater accuracy.
    • WARNING: Due to the Boss kill count introduction, the hiscores have been very unreliable, so using the import stats has a chance to hang or fail to fetch your data. Please keep this in mind.
  • Setting numbers greater than 99 with the Level selection will internally work like experience.
  • If you find an issue, please leave comments on calculator talk page or join our Discord.

Assumptions[edit source]

  • Bird houses are assumed to be filled with hammerstone seeds.
  • Maniacal monkeys assume a 100% catch rate in regards to banana input.
  • Kebbit falconry, kebbit tracking, and pitfall trapping assume the user only sells the fur/tatty furs that are obtained for the output price.

template=Calculator:Skill calc/Template
param = name|Name||hs|current,22,2;currentToggle,Experience
param = currentToggle|Current: Level or Experience?|Experience|select|Level,Experience
param = current|Current (per choice above)|0|int|0-200000000
param = goalToggle|Goal: Level or Experience?|Level|select|Level,Experience
param = goal|Goal (per choice above)|0|int|0-200000000
param = method|Method|All|select|All,Bird house,Bird snare,Box trap,Butterfly net,Deadfall,Falconry,Net trapping,Pitfall,Tracking,Other
param = dataCriteria|Hide inaccessible methods|Show All|buttonselect|Show All,Hide,Greyed out
param = leagueGroup|League multiplier?||toggleswitch|false|leagueMultiplier
param = leagueMultiplier|League multiplier value?|5|int|5-20
param = skill|Skill|Hunter|hidden
autosubmit = enabled
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