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Templates used

Used for calculating the coins needed to repair barrows items.

Degradation state 0 is for a fully degraded item

The price for the repair can be anywhere within the price range as there is a hidden decimal that the client does not see.

template = Calculator:Others/Template/Barrows repairs
form = BirForm
result = BirResult
param = playername|Name||hs|smithingLevel,14,1
param = smithingLevel|Smithing Level|1|int|1-99|
param = spicyStew|Spicy stew boost|0|int|0-5|
param = smithingCape|Using a smithing cape or Dwarven stout|0|check|1,0
param = dwarvenStoutm|Using a Dwarven stout(m)|0|check|2,0
param = helmetState|Item degradation state|0|select|100,75,50,25,0
param = helmetPercent|Item percent until next degradation|1|int|1-100

Please input the data and submit the form.
Costs to repair
barrows equipment
NPCPOH Armour StandAmount Saved
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