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Limitations[edit source]

  • It is impossible to reach the shot put area with a strength level below 50, due to that being the heavy door's unboostable strength requirement.
  • The shot put's results do not change with (de)boosted stats.
  • It is impossible to put shots with less than 5% run energy.

template=Calculator:Shot put/Template
param = name|Name||hs|level,3,1
param = level|Strength level|50|int|50-99
param = run|Run energy|100|int|0-100
param = weight|Shot put weight|22lb|select|18lb,22lb
param = throw|Throwing style|Standing throw|select|Standing throw,Step and throw,Spin and throw
param = dust|Dusted hands? (Using ground ashes)|false|check
autosubmit = enabled
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Mechanics[edit source]

Each of the inputs has an effect on the outcome:

  • Higher Strength level allows you to put further shots.
  • Higher run energy allows you to put further shots.
  • Shot weight has an inverse effect on the distance: more weight reduces the shot distance.
  • Throwing style has an effect on the shots:
    • Standing throw gives a bonus equal to 30 additional Strength levels
    • Step and throw shots give a bonus equal to 20 additional Strength levels
    • Spin and throw shots give a bonus equal to 10 additional Strength levels
  • Dusting hands with ground ashes gives a bonus equal to 5 additional Strength levels.

Detailed calculation[edit source]

There are several different factors that come into play when participating in this activity:

  • The main factor is the player's base Strength level . The higher the level, the further the shot will go. Boosts do not affect this game.
  • The main variable players can influence is the player's run energy percentage at the time of the shot. The higher the energy, the further the shot will be.
  • Another factor is the throwing style . A 'Standing throw' will get , 'Step and throw' will get and 'Spin and throw' will get .
  • The weight of the shot in pounds (lb) also has a direct effect: the lighter shot will travel further.
  • Dusting one's hands using ground ashes will give a bonus of . Otherwise this factor is .

These factors all combine to form a single variable . This variable directly influences all of the outcomes of the shot. The experience gained from the shot is , and the amount of run energy used is . The probability of a shot succeeding is ; if the shot fails, it lands on the player's toes and deals 1 hitpoint of damage. Failure does not reward any experience, but it does cost the same amount of run energy. The distance the shot reaches is also based on this variable. This table displays threshold values for that will result in a certain shot put distance. Minimising for this value will reduce the run energy cost per warrior guild token.

<58 <71 <84 <97 <110 <124 <137 <150 <163 <176 <190 <203 <216 216
Distance (yd.) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

For calculating the values for and the corresponding run energy cost, success chance, and the experience rewards, see our Shot Put calculator.

The maximum shot put distance possible is 14 yards, achieved at level 99 Strength with 100% energy, performing a standing shot with an 18lb shot, with dusted hands, which gives a value . This has a 86.4% chance of success, and will allow the player to make a shot of 14 yards. Changing any of these factors will cause the shot to travel less distance. The minimum distance possible is 1 yard, achieved at the minimum strength level of 50, with 5% energy, performing a spinning throw with a 22lb shot, without dusted hands, which gives a value .

Upon a successful shot, players will be rewarded tokens based solely on the distance and the track they chose. The number of tokens received is calculated as follows:

  • For the 18lb shot (northern track), players receive 1 + distance (yards) tokens
  • For the 22lb shot (southern track), players receive 3 + distance (yards) tokens