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Templates used
Calculator:Shot put/Template

Limitations[edit source]

  • It is impossible to reach the shot put area with a strength level below 50, due to that being the heavy door's unboostable strength requirement.
  • The shot put's results do not change with (de)boosted stats.
  • It is impossible to put shots with less than 5% run energy.

Mechanics[edit source]

Each of the inputs has an effect on the outcome:

  • Higher Strength level allows you to put further shots.
  • Higher run energy allows you to put further shots.
  • Shot weight has an inverse effect on the distance: more weight reduces the shot distance.
  • Throwing style has an effect on the shots:
    • Standing throw gives a bonus equal to 30 additional Strength levels
    • Step and throw shots give a bonus equal to 20 additional Strength levels
    • Spin and throw shots give a bonus equal to 10 additional Strength levels
  • Dusting hands with ground ashes gives a bonus equal to 5 additional Strength levels.

template=Calculator:Shot put/Template
param = name|Name||hs|level,3,1
param = level|Strength level|50|int|50-99
param = run|Run energy|100|int|0-100
param = weight|Shot put weight|22lb|select|18lb,22lb
param = throw|Throwing style|Standing throw|select|Standing throw,Step and throw,Spin and throw
param = dust|Dusted hands? (Using ground ashes)|false|check
autosubmit = enabled
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