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Templates used
Calculator:Skill pet calc/Template

Formula[edit source]

The formula used to calculated the per chance value is: , where B is the base chance and Level is the skill level. Results in the actions per hour conversion are rounded to 2 decimal places.

Notes[edit source]

  • Giant squirrel - Pet chance happens upon finishing an agility course or obtaining a ticket from the Brimhaven Agility Arena.
  • Heron - Minnows have a static rate of 1/977,778 per catch (not changed by the formula).
  • Heron - The Fishing Trawler has a static 1/5,000 rate per game. Actions per hour are internally capped at 6, no matter how high the value is set to.
  • Rocky - Pyramid Plunder only has pet chances on the grand gold chests on each floor.
  • Tangleroot - Pet chance happens upon check health or final harvest, depending on which one is available. All trees and hardwood trees have a cap at 1 action per hour.

template=Calculator:Skill pet calc/Template
param = level|Level|1|int|1-99
param = pet|Pet||select|Baby chinchompa,Beaver,Giant squirrel,Heron,Rift guardian,Rock golem,Rocky,Tangleroot
param = actionsPerHour|Actions Per Hour|1|int|1-5000
autosubmit = disabled
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