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Blighted Items[edit source]

All the Blighted items sold in the Soul Wars Reward Shop cost 10 zeal tokens each.

Item Quantity Total Price GP/Zeal
Blighted bind sack.png Blighted bind sack 300 5,100 510
Blighted snare sack.png Blighted snare sack 150 4,650 465
Blighted entangle sack.png Blighted entangle sack 70 27,300 2,730
Blighted teleport spell sack.png Blighted teleport spell sack 50 8,550 855
Blighted vengeance sack.png Blighted vengeance sack 50 5,700 570
Blighted ancient ice sack.png Blighted ancient ice sack 30 20,970 2,097
Blighted manta ray.png Blighted manta ray 15 13,230 1,323
Blighted anglerfish.png Blighted anglerfish 15 18,330 1,833
Blighted karambwan.png Blighted karambwan 12 8,928 893
Blighted super restore(4).png Blighted super restore(4) 4 39,472 3,947