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This is a calculator to help determine whether training your Thieving and Agility through underwater swimming is efficient. Note that the majority of experience is rewarded by handing in glistening tears, where the player has the option to put all the experience into either skill or both. The calculator assumes you put the experience in both skills, as choosing just one is never efficient.

The efficient rate for each skill is calculated using the rates from TempleOSRS.

Schematic (complete).png
Templates used

Swimming Calculator

param = name|Name||hs|agilityXP,17,2;thievingXP,18,2;agilityLvl,17,1;thievingLvl,18,1
param = agilityType|Agility input type: |Level|buttonselect|Level,XP|Level=agilityLvl;XP=agilityXP
param = agilityLvl|Agility Level:|1|int|1-127
param = agilityXP|Agility XP:|0|int|0-200000000
param = thievingType|Thieving input type: |Level|buttonselect|Level,XP|Level=thievingLvl;XP=thievingXP
param = thievingLvl|Thieving Level:|1|int|1-127
param = thievingXP|Thieving XP:|0|int|0-200000000
param = Tears|Tears per hours:|230|int|1-300
param = goalToggle|End Goal in which skill?|Level|select|Thieving,Agility
param = goal|Target level:|99|int|1-127
param = leagueGroup|League multiplier?||toggleswitch|false|leagueMultiplier
param = leagueMultiplier|League multiplier value?|5|int|5-20
autosubmit = disabled
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