Calculator:Wintertodt supply crate

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module=Wintertodt supply crate
param = playername|Name||hs|crafting,13,1;farming,20,1;fishing,11,1;herblore,16,1;mining,15,1;woodcutting,9,1
param = crafting|Crafting Level|1|int|1-99|
param = farming|Farming Level|1|int|1-99|
param = fishing|Fishing Level|1|int|1-99|
param = herblore|Herblore Level|1|int|1-99|
param = mining|Mining Level|1|int|1-99|
param = woodcutting|Woodcutting Level|1|int|1-99|
param = points|Points per game|700|int|0-
param = hasPhoenix|Already have Phoenix?|no|check|yes,no
param = magicEligible|Have 3+ warm gloves?|no|check|yes,no
param = torstolEligible|Have 3+ bruma torch?|no|check|yes,no
param = sellPyro|Sell pyromancer to Ignisia?|no|check|yes,no

Please input the data and submit the form.