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This calculator determines the expected time and essence required from a given level or amount of experience to your selected goal when runecrafting at the Ourania Altar. It breaks down the rates for each level block, and provides an estimate on how many runes will be created. It provides their gp value, but does not take into account any losses due to repairing the pouches or accessing the bank.

The player is able to craft all runes that are available in the game (except combination runes and wrath runes), despite not having the required level or quest requirements. However, the higher the player's Runecraft level, the higher-levelled the crafted runes will be. The experience here is 1.7 times what players would normally get for each pure essence.

Using Daeyalt essence adds a multiplicative 50% bonus to experience rates, but this calculator does not take into account the time it takes to mine and convert Daeyalt shards. To approximate this, increase the seconds per trip value.

Completion of the medium Ardougne Diary will add a chance to craft an addition rune, though no extra experience is gained. The Ardougne cloak does not need to be equipped for this to occur. This is highly recommended, as your average revenue will increase by 20% - 25%.

General Notes[edit source]

  • Each trip will be using a rune pouch and all the essence pouches available at each level. You can adjust for your actual inventory space with the blocked storage parameter.
  • This calculator is insignificantly inaccurate near boundaries between level blocks, though the inaccuracy is more pronounced at lower levels (<1% for levels 20+, <0.1% for 40+). This inaccuracy is only when an individual trip is not exclusively within one level block.

Calculator[edit source]

param = CurrentType_Input|Current: Level or Experience?|Level|select|Level,Experience
param = Current_Input|Current (per choice above)|1|int|1-200000000|
param = TargetType_Input|Goal: Level or Experience?|Level|select|Level,Experience
param = Target_Input|Goal (per choice above)|99|int|1-200000000|
param = TripSeconds_Input|Seconds per trip|60|int|1-86400|
param = BlockedStorage_Input|Blocked storage|0|int|0-24|
param = Daeyalt_Input|Using Daeyalt essence|false|check|true,false

autosubmit = enabled
Please input the data and submit the form.