Camdozaal Mines

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Camdozaal Mines
Camdozaal Mines.png
Released14 April 2021 (Update)
LocationRuins of Camdozaal
InhabitantsImcando dwarves
Advanced data

The Camdozaal Mines are a part of the Ruins of Camdozaal. It features several barronite veins on the walls, as well as a few clay, copper and tin rocks. It can be accessed after completion of the Below Ice Mountain quest.

Rocks[edit | edit source]

RockMining MiningQuantity
Tin ore.pngTin117.53
Copper ore.pngCopper117.53
Barronite deposit.pngBarronite142518

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There is a pit in the northern section of the mines with unclear use. When approaching the pit, some people have heard a Strange Voice say "Come... Come... Come... Down into the depths... Come..." in their chat.
    The pit with a Strange Voice.