Camdozaal Vault

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Camdozaal Vault
Camdozaal Vault.png
Released14 April 2021 (Update)
LocationRuins of Camdozaal
MusicRace Against the Clock

The Camdozaal Vault is an area in the northern section of the Ruins of Camdozaal where players have 60 seconds to navigate a maze of barriers to find lockboxes that contain increasingly valuable rewards.

Completion of the Below Ice Mountain quest is necessary to gain access to the ruins, and each entrance to the vault itself requires 750 barronite shards, which must be stored in the Sacred Forge.

Passable blue security barrier
Impassable yellow security barrier

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

  • A timer of 60 seconds starts immediately upon entering the vault.
  • Blocking the maze are passable blue barriers and impassable yellow barriers.
  • Throughout the maze are pedestals, which are possible locations for 6 simple lockboxes, 4 elaborate lockboxes, and 3 ornate lockboxes.
    • All three ornate lockboxes will always spawn, whereas only 1-5 simple and 2-3 elaborate lockboxes spawn each time.
    • The further into the vault you go, the higher the lockbox tier will be.
  • The locations of the lockboxes are always different. Additionally, while barriers are always positioned the same throughout the maze, their colours will change, creating new paths on each attempt.
  • The layout of the maze itself (disregarding barriers) never changes.
  • To be successful, the player must exit the vault from where they came in before the time runs out.
    • After exiting successfully, run energy will be restored. If the player is expelled from the vault for running out of time, they will lose all lockboxes gathered during that attempt and run energy will not be restored.
  • Teleporting out of the maze is blocked, giving the player the message, "You can't teleport whilst inside the Vault, please return to the entrance."

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Upon entering, take a second to find the path of blue barriers leading to the back of the maze. Time and shards are better spent getting one or two higher-tier lockboxes than several low-tier lockboxes.

With a good barrier layout, you can get 2 ornate lockboxes at the back of the maze and then 1-2 simple lockboxes toward the front on your way out. If a lockbox is behind more than one blue barrier off of your main path, there is not enough time to pick it up. Additionally, if a path leads you to the back of the maze and then around to the opposite side, you will have a long run back to the exit and, therefore, only have time to get one high-tier lockbox.

A simple rule of thumb is to use the first 30 seconds for going farther into the maze and the last 30 seconds for exiting. If you are still searching the back of the maze with less than 30 seconds to go, there is a good chance you will not make it out, as the path forward and back are the same.

Lockboxes in the player's inventory will not be lost upon entering the vault. Therefore, one can safely enter the vault directly after exiting to do several runs in quick succession.

Loot[edit | edit source]

Note: Lockboxes cannot be opened inside of the vault, even if brought in from a previous run.

Simple lockbox.png Simple lockbox
Elaborate lockbox.png Elaborate lockbox
Ornate lockbox.png Ornate lockbox

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
28 April 2021
  • The entry fee has been reduced from 1000 barronite shards to 750.
  • Loot has been balanced to reflect the time spent to access the vault.