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Released4 January 2018 (Update)
QuestDragon Slayer II
ExamineShe looks dangerous.
Advanced data
NPC ID8121,8126
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Camorra Shayzien was a famous hero who lived during the Fourth Age. She was a key figure in the Dragonkin Conflicts and later travelled to Zeah where she founded Shayzien.

History[edit | edit source]

A statue of Camorra, as seen in the Heroes' Guild

Much of Camorra's history remains unknown. However, it is known that she lived during the Fourth Age and was a key figure in the Dragonkin Conflicts alongside Robert the Strong. She is most known for slaying the dragon Garak,[1] who destroyed many villages near the border of the Wilderness, although the book titled The Truth Behind the Myth suggests that Garak was actually a dragonkin.

At some point during the war, she travelled to Lithkren alongside Robert, Tristan and Aivas. There, she took part in the battle against the Dragonkin on the island.

After the battle, Camorra took one of the Dragon key pieces and later travelled to Zeah, where she founded Shayzien.[2]

Camorra spent the rest of her life in Shayzien, eventually dying of unknown causes and was buried in the Shayzien Crypts. Her dragon key piece was buried with her and a riddle was created as a safeguard to ensure only someone trusted would be able to recover it.

References[edit | edit source]

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