Cape rack space

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Cape rack space
Cape rack space.png
Released18 October 2006 (Update)
LocationPlayer-owned house (costume room)
ExamineA cape rack for you to hang your capes on.
Advanced data
Object ID18810

Cape rack space is a hotspot in the costume room of a player-owned house that is only visible to the player when in building mode. Flatpacked versions of the furniture can be used to upgrade this space instead of raw materials.

Note that if you reclaim a god cape or an imbued god cape at Perdu, this will remove any existing capes of the same tier you got stored in the cape rack. To avoid this, obtain the capes manually.

Warning: Any untrimmed skill capes put on the cape rack will become trimmed when taken out after you get 99 in another skill.

Uses[edit | edit source]

Item Use
Oak cape rack.png Oak cape rack Store all capes, except capes of accomplishment.
Teak cape rack.png Teak cape rack Store all capes, plus 1 cape of accomplishment.
Mahogany cape rack.png Mahogany cape rack Store all capes, plus 5 capes of accomplishment.
Gilded cape rack.png Gilded cape rack Store all capes, plus 10 capes of accomplishment.
Marble cape rack.png Marble cape rack Store all capes.
Magical cape rack.png Magical cape rack Store all capes.

Creation Menu[edit | edit source]

Key[1] Construction Level Cape rack Materials Experience Upgrade Cost Total Cost
1 54 Oak cape rack.png Oak cape rack Oak plank.pngOak plank x4 240 N/A 1,904
2 63 Teak cape rack.png Teak cape rack Oak cape rack icon.pngOak cape rack
Teak plank.pngTeak plank x4
360 3,308 5,212
3 72 Mahogany cape rack.png Mahogany cape rack Teak cape rack icon.pngTeak cape rack
Mahogany plank.pngMahogany plank x4
560 8,324 13,536
4 81 Gilded cape rack.png Gilded cape rack Mahogany cape rack icon.pngMahogany cape rack
Mahogany plank.pngMahogany plank x4
Gold leaf.pngGold leaf
860 146,045 159,581
5 90 Marble cape rack.png Marble cape rack Gilded cape rack icon.pngGilded cape rack
Marble block.pngMarble block
500 337,332 496,913
6 99 Magical cape rack.png Magical cape rack Marble cape rack icon.pngMarble cape rack
Magic stone.pngMagic stone
1,000 992,239 1,489,152
  1. ^ Press this key on your keyboard while in the Creation Menu to build this item.


Set Pieces
Achievement diary cape Achievement diary hood.png Achievement diary cape.png
Achievement diary hood.png Achievement diary cape (t).png
Agility cape Agility hood.png Agility cape.png
Agility hood.png Agility cape(t).png
Attack cape Attack hood.png Attack cape.png
Attack hood.png Attack cape(t).png
Champion's cape Champion's cape.png
Construct. cape Construct. hood.png Construct. cape.png
Construct. hood.png Construct. cape(t).png
Cooking cape Cooking hood.png Cooking cape.png
Cooking hood.png Cooking cape(t).png
Crafting cape Crafting hood.png Crafting cape.png
Crafting hood.png Crafting cape(t).png
Defence cape Defence hood.png Defence cape.png
Defence hood.png Defence cape(t).png
Farming cape Farming hood.png Farming cape.png
Farming hood.png Farming cape(t).png
Fire cape Fire cape.png
Firemaking cape Firemaking hood.png Firemaking cape.png
Firemaking hood.png Firemaking cape(t).png
Fishing cape Fishing hood.png Fishing cape.png
Fishing hood.png Fishing cape(t).png
Fletching cape Fletching hood.png Fletching cape.png
Fletching hood.png Fletching cape(t).png
Gauntlet cape Gauntlet cape.png
Herblore cape Herblore hood.png Herblore cape.png
Herblore hood.png Herblore cape(t).png
Hitpoints cape Hitpoints hood.png Hitpoints cape.png
Hitpoints hood.png Hitpoints cape(t).png
Hunter cape Hunter hood.png Hunter cape.png
Hunter hood.png Hunter cape(t).png
Infernal cape Infernal cape.png
Cape of legends Cape of legends.png
Guthix cape Guthix cape.png
Imbued Guthix cape Imbued guthix cape.png
Saradomin cape Saradomin cape.png
Imbued Saradomin cape Imbued saradomin cape.png
Zamorak cape Zamorak cape.png
Imbued Zamorak cape Imbued zamorak cape.png
Magic cape Magic hood.png Magic cape.png
Magic hood.png Magic cape(t).png
Max cape Max hood.png Max cape.png
Mining cape Mining hood.png Mining cape.png
Mining hood.png Mining cape(t).png
Music cape Music hood.png Music cape.png
Music hood.png Music cape(t).png
Mythical cape Mythical cape.png
Obsidian cape Obsidian cape.png
Prayer cape Prayer hood.png Prayer cape.png
Prayer hood.png Prayer cape(t).png
Quest point cape Quest point hood.png Quest point cape.png
Quest point hood.png Quest point cape (t).png
Ranging cape Ranging hood.png Ranging cape.png
Ranging hood.png Ranging cape(t).png
Runecraft cape Runecraft hood.png Runecraft cape.png
Runecraft hood.png Runecraft cape(t).png
Soul cape Soul cape.png
Sinhaza shroud tier 1 Sinhaza shroud tier 1.png
Sinhaza shroud tier 2 Sinhaza shroud tier 2.png
Sinhaza shroud tier 3 Sinhaza shroud tier 3.png
Sinhaza shroud tier 4 Sinhaza shroud tier 4.png
Sinhaza shroud tier 5 Sinhaza shroud tier 5.png
Slayer cape Slayer hood.png Slayer cape.png
Slayer hood.png Slayer cape(t).png
Smithing cape Smithing hood.png Smithing cape.png
Smithing hood.png Smithing cape(t).png
Spotted cape Spotted cape.png
Spottier cape Spottier cape.png
Strength cape Strength hood.png Strength cape.png
Strength hood.png Strength cape(t).png
Thieving cape Thieving hood.png Thieving cape.png
Thieving hood.png Thieving cape(t).png
Victor's cape (1) Victor's cape (1).png
Victor's cape (10) Victor's cape (10).png
Victor's cape (50) Victor's cape (50).png
Victor's cape (100) Victor's cape (100).png
Victor's cape (500) Victor's cape (500).png
Victor's cape (1000) Victor's cape (1000).png
Team cape[c 1] Team cape.png
Team cape 0 Team cape zero.png
Team cape I team cape i.png
Team cape X team cape x.png
Woodcutting cape Woodcutting hood.pngWoodcutting cape.png
Woodcutting hood.pngWoodcut. cape(t).png
Xeric's champion Xeric's champion.png
Xeric's general Xeric's general.png
Xeric's guard Xeric's guard.png
Xeric's sentinel Xeric's sentinel.png
Xeric's warrior Xeric's warrior.png
  1. ^ Only one team cape can be stored.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
16 September 2020

Players can now use flatpacks to upgrade their cape racks.

23 July 2020

Furniture inside the costume room now follow an upgrading build pattern, similar to furniture found in the workshop. The toy box excluded from this change.

10 September 2015

Adding a spotted cape to a player-owned house cape rack no longer causes issues with getting capes out of it again.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The cape rack cannot store any of the basic coloured capes.