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Carpenter points are the reward currency awarded for completing contracts for clients of Mahogany Homes. Every time a player finishes a contract, points and some additional Construction experience is granted. Carpenter points can be spent at the Mahogany Homes Reward Shop run by Amy in Falador.

Points[edit | edit source]

Tier Construction Points
Beginner 1 2 500
Novice 20 3 1,250
Adept 50 4 2,250
Expert 70 5 2,750

Rewards[edit | edit source]

sold at
Supply crate (Mahogany Homes).pngSupply crate25Contains construction materials
Amy's saw.pngAmy's saw500An equipable saw. Can be used for construction.
Plank sack.pngPlank sack350Holds 28 planks.
Hosidius blueprints.pngHosidius blueprints2000Unlocks the Hosidius Wall Kit.
Carpenter's helmet.pngCarpenter's helmet400A piece of the Carpenter's outfit.
Carpenter's shirt.pngCarpenter's shirt800A piece of the Carpenter's outfit.
Carpenter's trousers.pngCarpenter's trousers600A piece of the Carpenter's outfit.
Carpenter's boots.pngCarpenter's boots200A piece of the Carpenter's outfit.