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Grey and blackWhiteBrownBlackGrey and brownGrey and blue
Cat (grey and black).png
Released28 July 2003 (Update)
OptionsPick-up, Talk-to, Chase, Interact
ExamineA fully grown feline.
Advanced data
NPC ID1619,6662

Grey and blackWhiteBrownBlackGrey and brownGrey and blue
Pet cat
Pet cat (grey and black).png
Released28 July 2003 (Update)
Quest itemNo
ExamineThis cat definitely likes you.
Value1 coin
AlchemyNot alchemisable
Weight1.5 kg
Advanced data
Item ID1561

Pet cat (grey and black) detail.png
Cat (grey and black) chathead.png
Pet cat (white) detail.png
Cat (white) chathead.png
Pet cat (brown) detail.png
Cat (brown) chathead.png
Pet cat (black) detail.png
Cat (black) chathead.png
Pet cat (grey and brown) detail.png
Cat (grey and brown) chathead.png
Pet cat (grey and blue) detail.png
Cat (grey and blue) chathead.png

Cats are common pets that can follow the player. In order to obtain a pet cat, a player must complete the Gertrude's Cat quest, after which Gertrude will give them a kitten as part of the reward. After three hours, the kitten will grow into a pet cat. Cats no longer need the food nor attention required of a kitten, and will not run away.

After another five-six hours of having the adult cat following the player, it will become an overgrown cat. Overgrown cats can be trained into wily cats, that will eventually become lazy cats. Lazy cats can repeatedly be trained back into wily cats.

Only one kitten may be owned at a time, including the hellkitten variant. Players may purchase a new kitten from Gertrude for 100 coins whenever their current kitten turns into an overgrown cat, or their cat is stored in a player-owned house menagerie. The colour of the kitten will be randomised, unless the player wears a Ring of Charos (a) while purchasing the kitten, which allows them to choose the colour.

Any type of cat can be turned into a Hellcat variant by chasing the hell-rats in Evil Dave's basement. Hellcats can be morphed back into their original colour by feeding them a bucket of milk.

Cats can be interacted with in a number of ways, such as by stroking them, showing them a ball of wool or wielding a mouse toy while the cat follows the player. Cats may be spoken to with a catspeak amulet, or without it after partial completion of Dragon Slayer II. They can also chase rats, with a successful catch rate depending on the type of cat. Regular adult cats have a success rate of 50%.

Similar to every pet, cats can be stored in the menagerie of a player-owned house. They however cannot be insured by Probita and will run off if the player dies, if they were either in the player's inventory or following the player.

Players can use their adult cats, including hellcats, on civilians in West Ardougne in the south-western area of the city to sell it to them for 100 death runes (9,200). This increases to 200 death runes (18,400) with the easy Ardougne achievement diary reward. Cats can also be shooed-away if the player no longer wishes to keep them.

If a cat dies in combat, it is permanently lost, and the message Your cat has passed away. will appear in the chatbox. Cats cannot die in a Menagerie arena.

Combat stats[edit | edit source]

A cat walking.

When fighting Hell-Rat Behemoths, the King rat or in the Rat Pits, cats have the following combat stats:[1]

Cat Hitpoints Hitpoints Attack Attack Strength Strength Defence Defence
Pet kitten (grey and black).png Kitten 4 1 1 0
Pet cat (grey and black).png Cat 6 4 3 0
Pet cat (overgrown, grey and black).png Overgrown cat 10 3 5 0
Wily cat (grey and black).png Wily cat 12 12 8 2
Lazy cat (grey and black).png Lazy cat 14 6 6 2

Quests[edit | edit source]

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

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Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
7 April 2016

Attempted to fix a bug whereby cats occasionally tried to grow into the wrong state.

28 May 2015

West Ardougne citizens no longer say they're giving you 100 death runes if they're actually going to give you 200.

16 May 2006

The NPC was made invisible on the minimap.

26 April 2005
  • The "Stroke", "Shoo-away", and "Chase vermin" options were replaced with an "Interact-with" option.
  • A "Talk-to" option was added.

References[edit | edit source]

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