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Catagory should be moved.[edit source]

the title of this category smacks of a highly intelligent person who does not speak English natively, in other words they do not know the nuances of the English language as spoken by native speakers.

it should be listed as "hand slot items"

allow me to explain why.

items is plural because there are many of them, they all fit into the slot, singular because there is just one slot for all the items.

now I understand that you have two hands plural, as a noun, hand is often plural. but in this phrase the noun is slot not hand. Hand is an adjective in this context. and adjectives have no plural. in fact the fifth example given here shows how "a six-year-old" is adjective to child. if you were to pluralize the adjective in that example you clearly are changing the meaning. possesivly a six-year-old's child changing a child who happens to be six to that six-year-old having a child of their own

and while that does mean you could mean possesivly "the hand's slot" that also requires the apostrophy since it is possessive and then the word item is awkward so catagory name like "items that go into the hand's slot" is better English. plus if you want that context then all the other ten slots need to be changed also "items that go into the head's slot", "items that go into the chest's slot". "items that go into the back's slot", "items that go into the leg's slot" etc. easier to move all heads to head than to try to change exerything else to the awkward possessive "plural"

there are a few items that were catagorized by native speakers since i see a hand slot catagory already so only about 80 items need to be changed right now. Qaz Wiz (talk) 09:59, June 23, 2015 (UTC)