Catspeak amulet(e)

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Catspeak amulet detail.png
The amulet of catspeak pointing at Bob's direction.

The enchanted catspeak amulet is an amulet worn in the neck slot obtained during A Tail of Two Cats by handing over a regular catspeak amulet and 5 death runes to Hild in Burthorpe. Like the unenchanted version, you can speak to cats while wearing it. The main difference is that it can also be used to locate Bob the Jagex cat's general direction. To do so, right click the amulet, use the "Open" option which will open a compass-like interface in the shape of a cat, and turn the compass clockwise or anti-clockwise by clicking on the whiskers until the eyes are lit and the cat's mouth starts moving.

After the events of Dragon Slayer II, opening the amulet simply results in the message, "You look at the amulet and take a moment to remember your fallen friend."

If the amulet is lost, you will have to visit the Sphinx in Sophanem if you don't have a spare regular amulet (your cat must be following you when you talk to the Sphinx), and pay Hild another 5 death runes and your catspeak amulet to get it enchanted again. Unlike the regular amulet, you can only hold one enchanted catspeak amulet at any time.