Cauldron (Witch's Potion)

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Cauldron (Witch's Potion).png
Released6 April 2001 (Update)
QuestWitch's Potion
LocationRimmington near Hetty
OptionsDrink From
ExamineA large bubbling cauldron, smells... Ugh!
Advanced data
Object ID2024

A Cauldron can be found in Hetty's house in Rimmington. At the end of Witch's Potion, the player must Drink From the cauldron. This prints the message "You drink from the cauldron. It tastes horrible! You feel yourself imbued with power.", followed by the completion of the quest.

Attempting to drink the potion when not completing the quest will cause the player to say "As nice as that looks, I think I'll give it a miss for now."

The cauldron containing a Potion next to the Witch.