Cave goblin wire

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Cave goblin wire
Cave goblin wire.png
Released20 March 2007 (Update)
Quest itemNo
ExamineWire found in Dorgesh-Kaan.
Value20 coins
High alch12 coins
Low alch8 coins
Weight1 kg
Grand Exchange
Exchange864 coins (info)
Buy limit11,000
Daily volume1,713
Advanced data
Item ID10981
Cave goblin wire detail.png

Cave goblin wire is a type of metal wire invented by the Dorgeshuun cave goblins. It is used primarily in their lighting system, which runs throughout their entire city of Dorgesh-Kaan.

Cave goblin wire is used in light orbs, which can be made by players using the glassblowing section of the Crafting skill or by stealing from various chests in Dorgesh-Kaan. The wire must then be added to the empty light orb to create a filament, allowing the light orb to function in a similar fashion to a light bulb, which grants the player 104 Crafting experience. The completed orb can then be used to replace broken sections of the magical Dorgeshuun lighting system.

Cave goblin wire is needed to make a light orb to complete a Sherlock's master clue step, and the resulting light orb is used to complete an elite clue step.

Cave goblin wire can be obtained three ways, all of which are through the use of the Thieving skill.

  • The first is to pickpocket the cave goblins inside Dorgesh-Kaan, which requires 36 Thieving.
  • The second is to steal from the chests in the city, which requires 52 or 78 Thieving (depending on the chest).
  • The third way, also considered by some to be the easiest way, is to grab wire from the wire machine in the south-west side of the city just east of furnace, which requires 44 Thieving and gives 22 experience per success. Another wire is produced in 8 ticks, or 4.8 seconds.
    • It is possible to "catch your hand in the mechanism", which will stun the player for 4 seconds and cause 5 damage.
    • A bank is 6 clicks north.

Products[edit | edit source]

Light orb.pngLight orb
Member icon.png
  • Crafting 87
  • Crafting 104

Item sources[edit | edit source]

For an exhaustive list of all known sources for this item, see here.
Cave goblin (Dorgesh-Kaan)36 Thieving icon.png11/20
Chest (Dorgesh-Kaan Average)52 Thieving icon.png11/23
Chest (Dorgesh-Kaan Average)52 Thieving icon.png11/20
Chest (Dorgesh-Kaan Average)52 Thieving icon.png11/7
Chest (Dorgesh-Kaan Rich)78 Thieving icon.png11/15
Wire machine44 Thieving icon.png1Always