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Cecilia chathead.png

Cecilia is a woman found in Falador Park, admiring the park's natural beauty. If talked to, she will begin to regale the player about how much she loves nature, causing the player to run off in a hurry.

A clue scroll can give the task of playing a specific music track on the bridge near Cecilia. Once the correct track is played, she will give the player the next clue scroll or reward casket.

Music challenges[edit | edit source]

Easy tracks[edit | edit source]

Music Track Unlock location
Alone Ice Mountain
On the Shore Corsair Cove
Rugged Terrain Shayzien Graveyard of Heroes
The Forlorn Homestead Southern coast of Hosidius
Tiptoe Draynor Manor cellar
Vision Wizards' Tower

Medium tracks[edit | edit source]

Music Track Unlock location Notes
Catch Me If You Can Ardougne Rat Pits Requires partial completion of Ratcatchers.
Cave of Beasts The Kendal's cave Requires partial completion of Mountain Daughter.
Devils May Care Smoke Devil Dungeon If you quickly enter and then exit the dungeon right away, then a facemask or slayer helmet is not necessary.
Faerie Zanaris Requires completion of Lost City.
Forgotten Ruins of Uzer None
Karamja Jam Brimhaven Dungeon Access to the dungeon requires a fee from either Saniboch or Banisoch.
Scorpia Dances Scorpia's cave beneath the Scorpion Pit. The cave is located deep in the Wilderness.
Subterranea Crabclaw Caves or Waterbirth Island Dungeon None

Hard tracks[edit | edit source]

Music Track Unlock location Notes
Complication Chaos altar None
Fossilised Wyvern Cave on Fossil Island Requires completion of Bone Voyage.
Hells Bells Trollweiss Mountain Requires completion of Troll Romance.
La Mort Death altar Requires completion of Mourning's Ends Part II.
Little Cave of Horrors Mos Le'Harmless Caves Requires completion of Cabin Fever.
Roc and Roll Fight with the Giant Roc during My Arm's Big Adventure. Requires completion of My Arm's Big Adventure.