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There are multiple potions that exist solely within the Chambers of Xeric. These potions are made from herbs obtained from within this raid.

Making Potions[edit | edit source]

There are three components required to make raid potions. A water-filled gourd vial is obtained by picking an empty gourd vial from gourd trees in farming rooms, and using it on the nearby water spring. Herbs are obtained from farming seeds, which are dropped by certain mini-bosses. Lastly, secondary ingredients such as endarkened juice are dropped by Scavengers.

These three components can be combined to make a potion. The potion has three variants: weak, standard and strong. The weak and strong potions are indicated by (-) and (+) in their name, respectively. The strong variant provides the strongest boost while weak variant provides the weakest boost. The type of potion made depends on the player's Herblore level. Potions can be traded to other players.

An example of how to make a potion is provided below.

Gourd tree (farming room) Empty gourd vial.pngEmpty gourd vial Water-filled gourd vial.pngWater-filled gourd vial

Herblore 52
Xeric's aid (-)(4).pngXeric's aid (-)

Herblore 65
Xeric's aid (4).pngXeric's aid

Herblore 78
Xeric's aid (+)(4).pngXeric's aid (+)

Guardian (Chambers of Xeric, female).png Guardian

Lizardman shaman (1).png Lizardman shaman

Skeletal mystic (1).png Skeletal mystic

Buchu seed 5.pngBuchu seed Grimy buchu leaf.pngGrimy buchu leaf Buchu leaf.pngBuchu leaf
Corrupted scavenger.png Scavenger Endarkened juice.pngEndarkened juice

Seeds and Herbs[edit | edit source]

There are three types of seeds. These three seeds are always dropped together by the following minibosses: Guardians, Lizardman shamans, and Skeletal mystics. They may also be found by raking the weeds at the end of each floor of the raid.

Buchu herbs are used to make utility potions, golpar herbs are used to make combat potions, and noxifer herbs are used to combine combat potions into overloads.

Each farming room contains two plots from which to farm grimy herbs. The number of herbs obtained per seed scales with the harvesting player's Farming level.

Seed Farming level Planting XP Harvesting XP Grimy Herb Cleaning XP Herb Produces
Golpar seed 5.pngGolpar seed 27 4 10 Grimy golpar.pngGrimy golpar 1 Golpar.pngGolpar

Elder potion (4).pngElder potion

Kodai potion (4).pngKodai potion

Twisted potion (4).pngTwisted potion

Buchu seed 5.pngBuchu seed 39 6 15 Grimy buchu leaf.pngGrimy buchu leaf 2 Buchu leaf.pngBuchu leaf

Revitalisation potion (4).pngRevitalisation potion

Xeric's aid (4).pngXeric's aid

Prayer enhance (4).pngPrayer enhance

Noxifer seed 5.pngNoxifer seed 55 12 30 Grimy noxifer.pngGrimy noxifer 3 Noxifer.pngNoxifer Overload (4) (Chambers of Xeric).pngOverload

Antipoison potion (4).pngAntipoison

Secondary ingredients[edit | edit source]

There are three types of secondaries. They are mostly dropped by Scavenger runts and Scavenger beasts which are found in Scavenger rooms. Some other monsters may also drop small quantities of secondaries.

Stinkhorn mushroom.png Stinkhorn mushroom
Endarkened juice.png Endarkened juice
Cicely.png Cicely

Potion Recipes[edit | edit source]

Refer to this table to know which herb and secondary ingredient you must use to make each type of potion. The required Herblore level for the weak, normal and strong variant are also displayed in the table. Noxifer herbs must be combined with an Elder, Kodai and Twisted potion to make an Overload.

Herb Weak (-) Standard Strong (+) Stinkhorn mushroom.pngStinkhorn mushroom Endarkened juice.pngEndarkened juice Cicely.pngCicely
Golpar.pngGolpar Herblore 47 Herblore 59 Herblore 70 Elder potion (4).pngElder potion Kodai potion (4).pngKodai potion Twisted potion (4).pngTwisted potion
Buchu leaf.pngBuchu leaf Herblore 52 Herblore 65 Herblore 78 Revitalisation potion (4).pngRevitalisation potion Xeric's aid (4).pngXeric's aid Prayer enhance (4).pngPrayer enhance
Noxifer.pngNoxifer Herblore 60 Herblore 75 Herblore 90 Elder potion.png Kodai potion.png Twisted potion.png + Noxifer.pngOverload (4) (Chambers of Xeric).pngOverload Antipoison potion (4).pngAntipoison

Potions[edit | edit source]

Potion Effect
Elder potion (4).pngElder potion(-)(+) Boosts Attack Strength Defence (similarly to super combat potion).
Kodai potion (4).pngKodai potion(-)(+) Boosts Magic Defence (similarly to battlemage potion).
Twisted potion (4).pngTwisted potion(-)(+) Boosts Ranged Defence (similarly to bastion potion).
Revitalisation potion (4).pngRevitalisation potion(-)(+) Restores all stats including prayer, except for hitpoints (similarly to super restore).
Xeric's aid (4).pngXeric's aid(-)(+) Boosts Hitpoints Defence , but lowers Attack Strength Ranged Magic (similarly to Saradomin brew).
Prayer enhance (4).pngPrayer enhance(-)(+) Restores 1 prayer point every few seconds.
Overload (4) (Chambers of Xeric).pngOverload(-)(+) Applies a boost every 15 seconds to Attack Strength Defence Magic Ranged . Deals 50 damage when used (hits 10 five times), and heals 50 Hitpoints when it expires.
Antipoison potion (4).pngAntipoison(-)(+) Cures poison and provides immunity to it for a duration.