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Champion's scrolls are scrolls that players can obtain when killing certain monsters. It is a challenge from that creature's race champion, and by taking the scroll to the cellar of the Champions' Guild, they may be fought in the Champion's Challenge minigame. Each scroll is an extremely rare (1 in 5,000) drop from monsters of each race. When one is received as a drop, the message, "A Champion's scroll falls to the ground as you slay your opponent," appears. In order to be eligible to receive any Champion's scroll, players must have 32 quest points and be on a members world.[1]

Every champion has certain rules that the battle is fought under. These are outlined on the scroll. After winning the battle with the champion, players will get a small amount of experience in Hitpoints and Slayer skills, and you cannot obtain another champion's scroll of that type again.[2]

There are 10 different champion scrolls, each from a different race's champion, plus 1 champion scroll from champion of champions, human race champion Leon D'Cour, who can only be fought after beating all other champions. When every champion has been slain, you may claim the Champion's cape from Larxus.

A champion's scroll is needed for the music cape, as the soundtrack "Victory is Mine" is unlocked in the arena.

Scrolls[edit | edit source]

Scroll Dropping monster (level) Champion (level)
Imp champion scroll.pngImp Imp (2, 7) Imp Champion (14)
Goblin champion scroll.pngGoblin Goblin (2-13) Goblin Champion (24)
Skeleton champion scroll.pngSkeleton Skeleton (13-142) Skeleton Champion (40)
Zombie champion scroll.pngZombie Zombie (13-100) Zombies Champion (51)
Giant champion scroll.pngGiant Hill giant (28), Fire Giant, Moss Giant, Ice giant Giant Champion (56)
Hobgoblin champion scroll.pngHobgoblin Hobgoblin (28, 42) Hobgoblin Champion (56)
Ghoul champion scroll.pngGhoul Ghoul (42) Ghoul Champion (85)
Earth warrior champion scroll.pngEarth warrior Earth warrior (51) Earth Warrior Champion (102)
Jogre champion scroll.pngJogre Jogre (53) Jogre Champion (107)
Lesser demon champion scroll.pngLesser demon Lesser demon (82, 87, 94) Lesser Demon Champion (162)
Leon's champion scroll.pngHuman Unobtainable Leon d'Cour (141)

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
25 June 2015
(update | poll)

You will now receive a coloured message in your chat box when you receive a champion scroll drop.

References[edit | edit source]

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