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This is a dangerous minigame.
Only bring items you can adequately defend or items you are willing to lose.
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The Champion's Challenge minigame is found in the basement of the Champions' Guild. While fighting the creatures of RuneScape, a player may be challenged to a duel by the champion of that race. These duels take place with certain rules, from limiting the player's armour to disallowing some items. Challenges are offered by means of a champion's scroll, an extremely rare drop (1/5,000 chance) from certain monsters. In addition, a player must be on a members server and have 32 quest points to receive a champion's scroll.

When a player slays a monster and receives a champion's scroll drop, a unique message will appear in the chatbox stating "A Champion's scroll falls to the ground as you slay your opponent." This message is not filtered by the game tab and will always be displayed.

You cannot teleport out of the Champions' Guild basement, this includes Magic tablets. Attempting to do so will prompt Larxus to inform you "There's a ladder for a reason". If you need to escape the fight at any time simply exit through the portcullis. Crossing through the portcullis does not end the fight or reset the Champion's HP. The fight ends once you climb the ladder behind it. You don't lose the Champion's scroll if you escape the fight, it only disappears once you slay the Champion. It is possible to drop the Champion's scroll before defeating the Champion and picking it up once you have won the fight to keep it.

Defeating the champion will grant the player with equal amounts of Hitpoints and Slayer experience, as well as the possibility of bigger fights in the future.

There are ten champions that may challenge you, and each one lays down certain rules for the fight. It is possible to use a Dwarf multicannon in the arena, it will even deal damage to Champions who are immune to range attacks from the player.

The Champions of Champions are those who are seated in the arena. There is a Champion for each of the races of Humans, Dwarves, TzHaar, Werewolves, Elves, and Gnomes, but only the Human champion, Leon D'Cour, may be challenged at the time. Defeating him will earn you 492 Slayer and HP experience, as well as his seat at the arena.

Champion Level Rules Xp to both Hitpoints and Slayer Scroll Scroll dropper
Imp Champion 14 No special attacks 160 Imp champion scroll.png Imp
Goblin Champion 24 Only Magic attacks 128 Goblin champion scroll.png Goblin
Skeleton Champion 40 Only Ranged attacks 232 Skeleton champion scroll.png Skeleton, skeleton monkey
Zombie Champion 51 No Magic attacks 240 Zombie champion scroll.png Zombie
Giant Champion 56 Only melee attacks 280 Giant champion scroll.png Hill Giant, Fire giant, Moss giant, Ice giant
Hobgoblin Champion 56 No melee attacks 232 Hobgoblin champion scroll.png Hobgoblin
Ghoul Champion 85 Weapons only 400 Ghoul champion scroll.png Ghoul
Earth Warrior Champion 102 No prayer allowed 432 Earth warrior champion scroll.png Earth warrior
Jogre Champion 107 No Ranged attacks 480 Jogre champion scroll.png Jogre
Lesser Demon Champion 162 No armour or weapons; only inventory 592 Lesser demon champion scroll.png Lesser demon
Leon D'Cour 141 No inventory 492 Leon's champion scroll.png Unobtainable

Rewards[edit | edit source]

A player wearing the champion's cape.
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Beating a champion

In addition to the Hitpoints and Slayer experience gained when defeating a champion, defeating them grants a banner hung on the northern wall of the basement. Players can also claim a Champion's lamp after defeating a champion, which awards ten times the experience that is given immediately after a champion's defeat.

Once players defeat all 11 champions, they can speak to Larxus to receive Leon d'Cour's champion's cape. The cape is purely cosmetic, and has no stats.

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