Charlie the Tramp/Tasks

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When first received Charlie the Tramp clues will say "Talk to Charlie the Tramp in Varrock." Charlie assigns a task to the player similar in form to the tasks assigned by Sherlock for master and elite clues. For the task to count as completed, the player needs to hold the clue scroll while performing the action, otherwise it will not count. When the task is completed, a notification is sent to the chat box, and the text of the clue scroll changes.

Challenge Skill requirements
I need to cook Charlie a trout. Cooking 15
I need to cook Charlie a pike. Cooking 20
I need to fish Charlie a herring. Fishing 10
I need to fish Charlie a trout. Fishing 20
I need to mine Charlie a piece of iron ore from an iron vein. Mining 15
I need to smith Charlie one iron dagger. Smithing 15
I need to craft Charlie a leather body. Crafting 14
I need to craft Charlie some leather chaps. Crafting 18