Chef's delight (flatpack)

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For the built version, see Chef's delight (barrel).
Chef's delight (flatpack) detail.png

A chef's delight flatpack can be made at a workbench in the Workshop of a player-owned house with level 48 Construction, yielding 224 experience. The flatpack can be used on the Barrel space in the Kitchen. The player must have a hammer and a saw in their inventory to build it.

Creation[edit | edit source]

Construction Construction48 (b)224
Cooking Cooking44 (b)0
Member icon.png
Ticks5 (3s)
ToolsSaw.pngHammer.pngFacilitiesBench with lathe icon.png Workbench
Oak plank.pngOak plank31,464
Steel bar.pngSteel bar2746
Chef's delight.pngChef's delight84,696
Total Cost6,906
Chef's delight (flatpack).pngChef's delight barrel133,356
Profit26,450[r 1]
  1. Due to Grand Exchange prices changing based on trade volume, this profit may not be fully accurate if the components are infrequently traded.