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There are three thievable chests scattered around RuneScape that always yield 50 coins when opened. Each of these chests require 43 Thieving to open, granting the player 125 experience for each successful unlock. A lockpick is necessary to open the chests in West Ardougne and the Pirates' Hideout, but not the chest by the Ardougne marketplace. Once unlocked these chests will lock themselves after 50 seconds. Players must right click and "Search for Traps," as attempting to open these chests without doing so results in the player taking substantial damage.

Thieving info[edit | edit source]

Chest (50 coins)
Level required Thieving 43
Thieving XP 125 xp
Type Chest
Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Coins_25.png: Chest (50 coins) drops Coins with rarity Always in quantity 50Coins50Always5050

Getting to them[edit | edit source]

Map Location Description
Chest (50 coins, Ardougne) map.png The first 50 coin chest resides in the building located directly east of the Ardougne Gem Stall., marked by the agility course icon. The player must pick the lock of the external door and climb up the stairs. The door does not require a lockpick. The 50 coin chest is in the southwest corner of the room. The other chest in the northwest corner of the room may also be looted for a nature rune and 3 coins.
Chest (50 coins, Mourner Tunnels) map.png Another 50 coin chest is located within the Mourner Tunnels. To enter the building, the player must be wearing a full mourner outfit. The chest can be found by going through the trapdoor and entering the first door to the west; it is located in the western room of the 3 northern bedrooms. This chest requires a lockpick.
Chest (50 coins, Pirates' Hideout) map.png The final chest resides in the Pirates' Hideout, deep in the wilderness. The external door requires a lockpick and level 39 Thieving to open. The chest is in the southwest corner of the building. The other chests in the room may be looted for 10 coins, aside from the chest in the southeast corner of the building which can be looted for nature runes. The level 26 pirates inside are always aggressive to intruders; activating Protect from Melee may be helpful for lower levels.

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