Chest key (Pirate's Treasure)

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Chest key (Pirate's Treasure) detail.png

The Chest key is an item used during the Pirate's Treasure quest. It is given to the player by Redbeard Frank after giving him some Karamjan rum. It is used to open the chest in one of the guest rooms upstairs in the Blue Moon Inn in Varrock. Inside the chest is a pirate message. The key can only be obtained during the quest.

Opening the chest will give the player the following messages in their chatbox:

- "You unlock the chest."

- "All that's in the chest is a message..."

- "You take the message from the chest."

If the player uses the drop trick to obtain multiple keys, selecting "open" on the chest for a second time will tell the player that the chest is locked, even though they have a key in their inventory. However, if the player manually uses the key on the chest, it will open, allowing the player to obtain multiple pirate messages.

However, this can no longer be done after the pirate message is read and the quest stage is advanced. Instead, the player will receive the following messages in their chatbox:

- "The key snaps in the lock."

- "Maybe you need to get the key for yourself..."