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Chompy bird hunting is an unmarked Ranged activity that involves killing chompy and jubbly birds. It becomes available after completion of the Big Chompy Bird Hunting quest.

Players with enough kills may claim decorative chompy bird hats from Rantz in the east of Feldip Hills, as long as they have an ogre bow or comp ogre bow in the inventory. Players may see hats they can unlock by asking him for his "hatsies". These hats provide no bonuses and are purely cosmetic.

To see their kill count, players may right-click check kills on an ogre bow or comp ogre bow. This counts all kills made by the player, not just the bow currently checked.

This activity is a requirement for each tier of the Western Provinces Diary. Players will need 30, 125, 300 and 1000 kills for respectively the easy, medium, hard and elite difficulties of the diary. After full completion of the elite diary, each chompy bird (not jubbly) will have a 1/500 chance of yielding the Chompy chick pet when killed or plucked.

After the player kills their 4,000th chompy bird, they will gain an additional one-time 30,000 Ranged experience. When this occurs, a message in the chatbox will state You've been awarded ranged experience for your relentless pursuit of chompies!

Equipment[edit | edit source]

In order to hunt chompy birds, players need the following:

An ogre bow can be obtained from Rantz or from the Grand Exchange. Arrows can either be purchased from the Grand Exchange (recommended) or fletched. Ogre bellows are obtained by "unlocking" a chest (a key is not required) in the cave just north of Rantz and the Big Chompy Bird Hunting quest start icon on the map.

Only one ogre bellows is needed to hunt chompy birds, but using 24 is recommended as this will increase the rate at which you catch chompies. The remaining inventory space can be used for 3 toads, which is the maximum amount of toads you can carry.

Gear[edit | edit source]

Optional items include weight-reducing items, such as the graceful outfit. Stamina potions are optional if players struggle with run energy. Ranging potions are also recommended for faster kills. The Void Knight equipment damage bonus has no effect on comp ogre bows, so maximising Ranged accuracy is preferred.[1]

Locations[edit | edit source]

There are several chompy bird locations to choose from:

The ponds south-west of Castle Wars are ideal because there are no aggressive monsters nearby and there is minimal scenery allowing for free movement while hunting.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Chompy birds can be killed relatively quickly, ranging anywhere from 100-350 kills per hour with the optimal set up, for an expected 1,000 kills within five hours of game time.

After finding a hunting spot, inflate all bellows in your inventory. Bring less than 24 bellows if planning to bank the raw chompies, 1,902 coins each, to make wild pies, 727 coins each.

Then, gather and inflate 3 toads at a time and immediately drop them. Dropping the toads quickly will set them as bait for chompy birds while you continue to gather and inflate more toads. The more toads placed in the hunting area, the faster chompy birds will spawn, so continuously drop toads in the hunting area as they are inflated.

When a chompy bird appears, attack it immediately, as they will eat the toad they are targeting unless you get a hit before they get to it. If more than one chompy appears in a short time, it is better to hit them all once and then go back and kill them; a chompy will disappear if too much time passes without getting hit.

Players can choose to pluck them after they die. Raw chompies weigh 10 kg each, so they will add considerable weight to the player. Some players also choose to bring unfinished wild pies and add the chompies to them. This reduces the chompies' weight to almost nothing.

Chompy hats[edit | edit source]

Kills Hat
30 Chompy bird hat (ogre bowman).png Ogre bowman
40 Chompy bird hat (bowman).png Bowman
50 Chompy bird hat (ogre yeoman).png Ogre yeoman
70 Chompy bird hat (yeoman).png Yeoman
95 Chompy bird hat (ogre marksman).png Ogre marksman
125 Chompy bird hat (marksman).png Marksman
170 Chompy bird hat (ogre woodsman).png Ogre woodsman
225 Chompy bird hat (woodsman).png Woodsman
300 Chompy bird hat (ogre forester).png Ogre forester
400 Chompy bird hat (forester).png Forester
550 Chompy bird hat (ogre bowmaster).png Ogre bowmaster
700 Chompy bird hat (bowmaster).png Bowmaster
1,000 Chompy bird hat (ogre expert).png Ogre expert
1,300 Chompy bird hat (expert).png Expert
1,700 Chompy bird hat (ogre dragon archer).png Ogre dragon archer
2,250 Chompy bird hat (dragon archer).png Dragon archer
3,000 Chompy bird hat (expert ogre dragon archer).png Expert ogre dragon archer
4,000 Chompy bird hat (expert dragon archer).png Expert dragon archer

References[edit | edit source]

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