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Christmas crackers are a tradeable holiday items that can be obtained by completing one of the Christmas holiday events that occur once per year.

A player pulling a Christmas cracker.

Previously, they were obtained by using the clues given by Jagex through various means (forums, Twitter, etc) and giving a specific set of items to an NPC. This event started on 1 September 2013 and lasted until 7 September, with one clue being shown every day. Players could only receive a Christmas cracker for the clue given that day. If a player participated for all 7 days, they would have gotten 7 crackers. If a player tried to do a clue from a previous day, the specified NPC would not accept the items.

Crackers can be pulled by using them on another player. It's important to note that the owner of the cracker is not guaranteed to be the one to obtain the items. If an Iron Man attempts to open a cracker it will display the message "You are an Iron Man. You stand alone."

Reward[edit | edit source]

Held within the cracker is a partyhat and one other item or a stack of items, such as some coins, runes, or weapons. To open it, it must be used with another player. Upon opening, the player who had the cracker and the player it was used on each have a 50/50 chance to receive a randomly coloured party hat, while the other player gets the other item.

Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Red partyhat.png: Christmas cracker drops Red partyhat with rarity 32/128 in quantity 1Red partyhat132/128[1]2,7810
Yellow partyhat.png: Christmas cracker drops Yellow partyhat with rarity 28/128 in quantity 1Yellow partyhat128/128[1]2,5990
White partyhat.png: Christmas cracker drops White partyhat with rarity 23/128 in quantity 1White partyhat123/128[1]2,1170
Green partyhat.png: Christmas cracker drops Green partyhat with rarity 20/128 in quantity 1Green partyhat120/128[1]2,1630
Blue partyhat.png: Christmas cracker drops Blue partyhat with rarity 15/128 in quantity 1Blue partyhat115/128[1]8,0690
Purple partyhat.png: Christmas cracker drops Purple partyhat with rarity 10/128 in quantity 1Purple partyhat110/128[1]5,6090

This means that the average profit in GE terms for pulling a Christmas cracker is -6,039 based on Grand Exchange prices.

The chances below are calculated per cracker (not taking into account splitting with the other player), using a sample size of 1337 crackers.[2]
Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Chocolate bar.png: Christmas cracker drops Chocolate bar with rarity 1/5.2 in quantity 1Chocolate bar11/5.2236
Silver bar.png: Christmas cracker drops Silver bar with rarity 1/7.6 in quantity 1Silver bar11/7.67490
Spinach roll.png: Christmas cracker drops Spinach roll with rarity 1/8 in quantity 1Spinach roll11/81010
Iron ore.png: Christmas cracker drops Iron ore with rarity 1/8.5 in quantity 5 (noted)Iron ore(noted)1/8.520050
Chocolate cake.png: Christmas cracker drops Chocolate cake with rarity 1/8.6 in quantity 1Chocolate cake11/8.617042
Holy symbol.png: Christmas cracker drops Holy symbol with rarity 1/11.7 in quantity 1Holy symbol11/11.7276180
Silk.png: Christmas cracker drops Silk with rarity 1/12.2 in quantity 1Silk11/12.21418
Gold ring.png: Christmas cracker drops Gold ring with rarity 1/13.9 in quantity 1Gold ring11/13.9134210
Black dagger.png: Christmas cracker drops Black dagger with rarity 1/24.3 in quantity 1Black dagger11/24.3253144
Law rune.png: Christmas cracker drops Law rune with rarity 1/25.3 in quantity 1Law rune11/25.3144144

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Christmas crackers are infamous in RuneScape history, dating back to RuneScape Classic when they were first introduced to the game during the 2001 Christmas Event. Due to the fact this was the only time a supply of them was added to the game, they quickly became rare items worth hundreds of thousands to millions of gold in the years to come. While Christmas crackers varied wildly in perceived value, raising or dropping by millions of gold in just a few days' time, they typically went for substantially more than any individual partyhat in RuneScape 2 due to being rare items in and of themselves and also having the possibility of containing one of the more desired hats.

References[edit | edit source]

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