Church decoration

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Church decoration was removed after an update.
As the contents of this page no longer exist in Old School RuneScape, this article is preserved for historical purposes.
Church decoration
Church decoration.png
Released13 December 2018 (Update)
Removal10 January 2019 (Update)
Quest itemNo
DestroyYou can get another from the church in Lumbridge.
ExamineBorrowed from the church in Lumbridge.
Value? (edit)
AlchemyNot alchemisable
Weight0 kg
Advanced data
Item IDhist22725
Church decoration detail.png

The church decoration is an item obtained during the 2018 Christmas event by searching the altar in the Lumbridge church. It is used alongside the festive tree branches, waste gems and a ball of wool to create the Christmas tree costume.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Upon searching the altar again to try to steal another church decoration while one is in the player's inventory, the game says "You decide you better not steal anything else from the church... But instead pray for forgiveness, while you're here." and fills the player's prayer points.