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Cider (m) is a keg containing one to four pints of mature cider. It's made by using a calquat keg with a finished barrel after brewing Cider and randomly getting a mature batch. The brewing process makes 8 pints of cider, which is enough for two full kegs. The keg can be directly drunk and has the exact same effects as drinking a glass of Mature cider. Beer glasses can also be used on the keg, putting one of the pints into the glass. A glass of Mature cider can't be put in back into the keg after coming out.

Creation[edit | edit source]

Cooking Cooking14 ?182
Member icon.png
Ticks3 (1.8s)
ToolsNoneFacilitiesBrewery icon.png Brewery
Apple mush.pngApple mush4436
Ale yeast.pngAle yeast1756
Calquat keg.pngCalquat keg2348
Total Cost1,540
Profit144,538[r 1]
  1. Due to Grand Exchange prices changing based on trade volume, this profit may not be fully accurate if the components are infrequently traded.

Instructions[edit | edit source]

1. Use 4 apple mush on the fermenting vat
2. Use 1 ale yeast on the fermenting vat
3. Wait 1–5 days until the beer has fermented
4. Use 2 calquat kegs on the completed ale in the fermenting vat

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
26 February 2015

Partially drunk versions of the item were made untradeable on the Trading Post/Grand Exchange.