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Citizens of Arceuus are a group of former humans who live in Arceuus in the kingdom of Great Kourend. The term Citizens of Arceuus generally denotes those who gave up their human bodies and gained immortality through the use of the Dark Altar during the Ascent of Arceuus.

Being generally spiritual in appearance, Citizens of Arceuus float above the ground and cover themselves in long robes, hats, and masks, making only their glowing eyes visible. Beneath their robes, they supposedly look like grey semi-transparent humanoid skeletons without legs.

The immortal forms of the Citizens of Arceuus are sustained by the power of the Dark Altar,[1] and being away from its presence for too long appears to take a toll on the individual.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

The first to achieve immortality through the Dark Altar was supposedly King Shayzien VII, who managed to obtain the secret from the Tasakaal, an ancient trio of TzHaar who reside in Mount Karuulm. King Shayzien used the secret to shed his mortal form and took the name Xeric, ruling Great Kourend with an iron fist for over a century. It is likely that Xeric shared this secret with some of his followers, such as Xamphur and Vasa Nistirio.

The vast majority of the Citizens of Arceuus would later become immortal in a similar way Xeric did during the reign of King Byrne II 900 years ago,[3] when Lord Trobin Arceuus and his brother-in-law travelled to Mount Karuulm to seek the Tasakaal. Trobin's wife had become very ill, and he pleaded to them to help his dying wife.[4] The Tasakaal then granted them the knowledge of immortality, saving his wife.

Trobin would use the very same knowledge that saved his wife to grant the Citizens of Arceuus immortality in an event known as The Ascent of Arceuus. While not all of them accepted this gift, those that did were granted new bodies to house their souls, which are sustained by the Dark Altar.[5] According to Mofina, the crypt below the church in Arceuus was where Citizens of Arceuus gained immortality, by freeing their souls from their physical bodies.[6]

Following the Ascent of Arceuus, the Citizens of Arceuus slowly became accustomed to their new lives. With the Dark Altar's power sustaining their form, they no longer have need for food, water, or sleep, and as a result the population of Arceuus remained static for nearly a thousand years.

However, during the 149th decade (or Year 169 of the Fifth Age), a mysterious device was concealed near the Dark Altar by an unknown entity. This device redirected most of the Dark Altar's power,[7] destabilising the immortal forms of the Citizens of Arceuus. Lord Trobin Arceuus acted quickly by using himself as a conduit to channel the little remaining power the Dark Altar possessed,[8] but this temporary loss in power caused one Citizen of Arceuus, Thana, to perish.[9]

With the help of an adventurer, who discovered the device redirecting the Dark Altar's power, the crisis ended and the people of Arceuus were saved.

Notable Citizens of Arceuus[edit | edit source]

Vasa Nistirio, a high priest who once served Xeric. Their appearance likely shows what Citizens of Arceuus may look like without their robes.
  • Ignisia - Grand Master of the Order of the Sacred Flame.
  • Logosia - Chief librarian of the Arceuus Library.
  • Lord Trobin Arceuus - Head of Arceuus for nine centuries and responsible for the Ascent of Arceuus.
  • Tyss - Guardian of the Dark Altar.
  • Vasa Nistirio - High Priest serving Xeric until he in arrogance tried to subjugate him, only leading to his own enslavement.
  • Xeric - Former king and tyrant of Great Kourend and supposedly the first to ascend to immortality via the Dark Altar.

References[edit | edit source]

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