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A clan or guild is an organised group of players who participate together in group activities such as player killing, training skills, boss killing, minigames, or simply existing as a community of friends. While Jagex offers some support to clans such as features like team capes and events like the Clan Cup, all existing clans are player-organised and run. Clans have existed since the beginning of RuneScape in 2001, and remain one of the most prominent aspects of the game today.

Types of Clans[edit | edit source]

The most popular clans in Old-School RuneScape are the PvP clans, who focus primarily on PKing - killing other players (PvMers or solo PKers) in the Wilderness, or wars between other clans (more commonly known as PKRIs ("PK Run-Ins"). A common way to categorise PvP clans is whether the clan focuses on single-way combat (such as near the Lava Maze) or multicombat (such as the Revenant Caves). Though PvP clans have the potential for both high risks and high rewards, they have remained incredibly popular throughout the years.

PvM clans are the second-most popular type of clan, and focus on the boss killing aspect of Old School RuneScape. These clans offer a high potential for profit, though they often expect members to be well-experienced, levelled and geared for elite PvMing. Clans which focus specifically on raids (the Chambers of Xeric and Theatre of Blood) also fall into this category. PvM clans can also compete against one another in PvM wars, where clans can race to get more kills or drops from a boss at the same time.

Skilling clans are for players who prefer to train one or several non-combat skills together, and many avoid combat entirely - some clans even disallow entry to members who have levelled their combat skills at all. A Skill war between two or more clans is a race in gaining experience within a set time limit - the clan whose members achieve the most experience within the allocated period is declared the victor.

There are many other types of clans, which include minigame clans (such as Castle Wars), community clans and quest clans. For every possible group activity in RuneScape, there is likely to be a clan that specialises in it.

Clan Features[edit | edit source]

Clans began to appear from the very beginning of RuneScape, focusing mainly on PvP. For the first few years there were no clan-specific features, and players had to group together on the forums or third-party fansites, and use features such as the Friends List to manage clan affairs.

Team Capes[edit | edit source]

The first update directly beneficial to clans was the release of Team capes. When worn, these do not allow players to left-click attack players with the same cape, and make it easier to identify teammates inside and outside the Wilderness. In addition to this, the in-game minimap was updated to show all players with the same cape as purple dots, thus making it easier to tell teammates apart from other players who still appear as white dots.

Clan Forums[edit | edit source]

The RuneScape Forums offer several boards specific to clans, though there is only one for Old-School-specific clans. Here, players can view a thread listing open clans that they may join, or advertise their own, as well as discuss anything related to clanning.

Clan Chat[edit | edit source]

The Clan Chat was added on August 6th 2007, and the version that exists in Old-School RuneScape is known as the Friends Chat in RuneScape 3. It allows members of a clan to communicate easily from anywhere in-game, without having to add everyone to their friends list as was common in the early years. The Clan Chat is essential for Clan Wars, and clans are known to create new accounts with a specific display name to use solely to host their clan chat.

Clan Wars[edit | edit source]

Clan Wars was originally introduced on December 10th, 2007 as an alternative means of PvP. This was at the same time PvP in the Wilderness was removed along with free trade in order to combat the prevalent issue of botting, and the update was met with harsh criticism. Clan Wars was reintroduced to Old-School RuneScape on June 19th, 2014, and is slightly different to its RS3 counterpart. Old-School currently does not have a "dangerous" clan wars option where items can be lost on death, though the arena is still used fairly often as rules cannot be broken, and other players or clans cannot interfere with a fight - as happens frequently in the Wilderness.

Clan Cup[edit | edit source]

The Clan Cup was a series of tournaments hosted annually from 2009 onwards, and in Old-School from 2013 to 2015. Clans could take part in a series of challenges, and the winning clans would have their name added to the clan cup trophy (2013) or a clan statue erected at the former Clan Wars lobby with a likeness of their characters (2014-2015). 2013 consisted solely of PvP challenges in the Clan Wars Arena, though PvM and Skilling challenges were added from 2014 onwards.

Champions of the Clan Cups were:

Old School Clan Cup Winners
Category 2013 Champions 2014 Champions 2015 Champions
P2P All-Out Reign of Terror Ancient Fury Reign of Terror
F2P All-Out Damage Incorporated Reign of Terror Reign of Terror
P2P Capped Reign of Terror - -
F2P Capped Reign of Terror - -
P2P Team Reign of Terror - -
F2P Team Reign of Terror - -
P2P Pure Mayhem Makers Fatality -
F2P Pure Mayhem Makers Fatality -
P2P 30v30 - Ancient Fury Reign of Terror
F2P 30v30 - Reign of Terror Reign of Terror
P2P 20v20 - Ancient Fury Reign of Terror
F2P 20v20 Reign of Terror Reign of Terror
P2P 10v10 - Ancient Fury Reign of Terror
F2P 10v10 - Reign of Terror Reign of Terror
PvM - Stud Unit Stud Unit
Skilling - Hexis Hexis
Pure - - Final Ownage Elite

The Clan Cup has not been officially hosted since 2015, presumably due to the focus on Deadman Mode.