Clan Hall

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Clan Hall
Clan Hall.png
Released26 May 2021 (Update)
Advanced data

The Clan Hall is a special instanced area accessible by members of a clan, or by guests if allowed, allowing them to gather and socialise. It is accessible through the blue portal located in the Clan Hub at the south-east corner of the Grand Exchange.

Features[edit | edit source]

Clan members can find a prayer altar, oven, sink, a bank, a coffer, and tables to sit at around the hall.

Coffer[edit | edit source]

The Clan Coffer near the bank is used to store or withdraw up to 50,000,000 coins at a time. A certain rank is required to withdraw any amount which will always notify all members of the clan. Any member of the clan is able to deposit into the coffer.

Combat ring[edit | edit source]

The combat ring can be found north of the bank, outside the north-west corner of the building. This acts identical to a combat ring in a player-owned house.

Clan Party Chest[edit | edit source]

The party chest can be found in south-east corner of the main area, and works much like the chest in the Falador Party Room: up to 216 unique items can be deposited, and players must pay 1,000 coins to pull the lever to begin the drop party.

Players with the appropriate permissions can set the minimum rank required to deposit items, pulling the lever, and be eligible for items from the party chest when popping balloons.

As the Clan Hall itself is instanced, items will only remain for as long as there are clan members inside; if all non-guests leave the Clan Hall, all dropped and deposited items will be deleted.

Piano[edit | edit source]

The Clan Hall's piano interface.
The clan hall piano.

A piano can be found south-west of the hall; it has three right-click options:

  • Entertain, where clicking notes on the piano are played in a group on the next tick for all players in the Clan Hall to hear.
  • Play-quietly, keys on the number row of the keyboard (Grave, 1 through 0, and Backspace) correspond to piano keys for only the player to hear, and each note is played instantly.
  • Background-music, which unlocks the track Rhapsody, playing it from the music player for only the player that selected it.

Dummy[edit | edit source]

The dummy south-west of the hall, in the garden, can be attacked, but unlike the Dummy in Varrock no experience is granted even if the player is below 8 Attack.

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
19 October 2022

The Combat Ring now stores your current Special Attack when entering and restores your Special Attack when exiting.

11 October 2022
  • An issue was fixed in which players appeared to teleport from the balcony to the ground when going outside the Clan Hall.
  • The combat ring now runs checks to ensure no items or hardcore statuses are lost.
3 June 2021

The bank sign in the Clan Hall no longer blocks line-of-sight, so you can cast the telegrab spell through it.

26 May 2021

The halls can now be accessed.

19 May 2021

The Clan Halls was added to the game alongside the features of Clans, but was not accessible.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Upon loading the Clan Hall, a stray dog will occasionally spawn outside the gates, beyond the player's reach.