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Clan Settings are accessed by clicking the "Settings" button in the "Your Clan" tab of the chat-channel panel. In this interface players can change various settings of their clan (providing they have the appropriate rank to do so), such as changing the ranks of clan members, the permissions various ranks have, and creating events.

Main settings[edit | edit source]

The main settings, where players can edit the clan's public profile

The main settings displays the size of the clan, the owner, and the date the clan was founded. In addition, it displays several general settings.

Name[edit | edit source]

The name of the clan is displayed here. The owner can change the name of the clan here, while non-owners can choose to report the clan name as offensive.

WARNING: If the owner changes the name of the clan, the original clan name will be immediately opened for anyone to take. There's also a 7 day cooldown for each name change!

Home World[edit | edit source]

Players can input the home world of the clan. If an invalid world is selected (such as 35) the player is asked to input a valid world.

Players can view a list of valid worlds in the world switching interface.

Ownership[edit | edit source]

Only visible to the owner, this is where owners resign and, after a 7 day wait period, transfer ownership to the oldest member of the clan with an Administrator rank or above, and who has been active within the past 90 days. This decision cannot be reversed after the 7 day wait period.

If the player is the last clan member, players are prompted whether they wish to delete the clan.

Interests[edit | edit source]

Players can select interests for the clan, which help prospective clan members to make their decision whether to join the player's clan.

Clan Interests
F2P Newbie-friendly
Socialising Diversity
Pure PvP
Boss-hunting Raiding
Slayer Skilling
Role-playing Iron players
Ultimate Iron players Hardcore Iron players
Castle Wars Soul Wars

Talk in chat[edit | edit source]

Players can choose which ranks are able to speak in the clan chat.

Guests may listen in chat[edit | edit source]

Players can toggle whether to block guests from viewing the clan chat.

Clan motif[edit | edit source]

The icon customisation interface to edit the clan motif.

Players can customise their clan's motif by clicking the clan motif on the right side of the main settings interface.

The clan motif determines the appearance of the clan cloak and clan vexillum.

Colours[edit | edit source]

Players can choose from one of the following eight colours for their clan motif.

Black Orange Blue Red Green Yellow Light blue Purple
Black Orange Blue Red Green Yellow Light blue Purple

Icons[edit | edit source]

Players can choose two icons from the following 27 icons for their clan motif. Players can also leave the icons empty should they wish to do so.

Icon Name Description
Clan symbol - Dragon med helm.png
Dragon med helm Timelessly fashionable. The helmet of a champion.
Clan symbol - Compass.png
Compass Not all who wander are lost.
Clan symbol - Axe and pickaxe.png
Axe and pickaxe A good tool improves the way you work. A great tool improves the way you think.
Clan symbol - Party hat.png
Party hat Party time! Excellent.
Clan symbol - Bones.png
Bones Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust. Bones to experience.
Clan symbol - Wizard hat.png
Wizard hat It is our choices that show us what we truly are. Far more than our abilities.
Clan symbol - Holy star of Saradomin.png
Holy star of Saradomin Go in peace in the name of Saradomin; may his glory shine upon you like the sun.
Clan symbol - Fish.png
Fish Give a noob a fish and they will leave you alone. Teach a noob to fish and they will inflate the fish market.
Clan symbol - Tragedy.png
Tragedy Life's biggest tragedy is that we get old too soon and wise too late.
Clan symbol - Heart.png
Heart Follow it. You'll be happier.
Clan symbol - Robin hat.png
Robin hat Rise and rise again, until lambs become lions.
Clan symbol - Unholy symbol of Zamorak.png
Unholy symbol of Zamorak May your bloodthirst never be sated, and may all your battles be glorious. Zamorak bring you strength.
Clan symbol - Rake and spade.png
Rake and spade Life is a garden. You reap what you sow.
Clan symbol - Comedy.png
Comedy A day without laughter is a day wasted.
Clan symbol - Swords.png
Swords If by my life or death I can protect you, I will. You have my sword.
Clan symbol - Arrows.png
Arrows Aim steady. Perfection is unattainable, but one should always strive for it.
Clan symbol - Icon of Guthix.png
Icon of Guthix May you walk the path, and never fall, for Guthix walks beside thee on thy journey. May Guthix bring you peace.
Clan symbol - Hunter.png
Hunter Pawschamp?
Clan symbol - Bob.png
Bob Cats are easily as tough as sheep. Cats were the second thing Guthix brought here, after sheep of course.
Clan symbol - Mask.png
Mask Stand and deliver!
Clan symbol - Defence.png
Defence The shield that guards the realms of men.
Clan symbol - Cabbage.png
Cabbage Brassica Prime. Thy Name be Vegetable, thy land be soil. Plant in us thy seeds of faith, that we may grow beyond allotments. Forever, your crops. Cabbage.
Clan symbol - Rose.png
Rose A rose in the grey.
Clan symbol - Ring.png
Ring You must really like your clan if you put a ring on it.
Clan symbol - Skull.png
Skull A risky life, to be marked by Him. Though a skulled adventurer need not fear when their clan is near.
Clan symbol - Iron.png
Iron By the way.
Clan symbol - Ultimate iron.png
Ultimate iron Ultimately, you stand alone.

Events[edit | edit source]

The events settings.

The Events settings allows players to view upcoming events for the clan.

Players can enter Edit Mode to create or change an existing event.

Type[edit | edit source]

There are four types to choose from, which will change the choice of Activity players can select whilst creating an event.

  • Bossing
  • Skilling
  • PvP
  • Social

Subtype[edit | edit source]

The subtype can be chosen to further specify the details of the event.

None Mass Wilderness
Risky Serious Chill
Meta Competition Rewards

Date[edit | edit source]

Players can input the number of days until the event starts. The maximum is 30.

Once players input a date, it will be displayed in DD-Mon-YYYY format.

Activity[edit | edit source]

Players can select a number of activities for the event, depending on the type chosen.

Bossing[edit | edit source]

Bossing activities
Abyssal Sire Alchemical Hydra Barrows Callisto Cerberus Chambers of Xeric
Chambers of Xeric: Challenge Mode Chaos Elemental Chaos Fanatic Commander Zilyana Corporeal Beast Crazy Archaeologist
Dagannoth Kings Deranged Archaeologist Fight Caves Gauntlet General Graardor Giant Mole
Grotesque Guardians Inferno K'ril Tsutsaroth Kalphite Queen King Black Dragon Kraken
Kree'arra Sarachnis Scorpia Tempoross Theatre of Blood Thermy
Venenatis Vet'ion Vorkath Wintertodt Zalcano Zulrah

Skilling[edit | edit source]

Skilling activities
Agility Combat Construction Cooking
Crafting Farming Firemaking Fishing
Fletching Herblore Hunter Mining
Prayer Runecrafting Slayer Smithing
Thieving Woodcutting

PvP[edit | edit source]

PvP activities
1 Defence Berserker Camelot Castle Wars
Chaos Altar Deep Wilderness Dharoks Edgeville
Free to play Grand Exchange Last Man Standing Lumbridge
Med-Level Revenants Rimmington Soul Wars

Social[edit | edit source]

Social activities
Bank Standing Barbarian Assault Clan Hall Gathering
Clues FashionScape Games Room
Hide and Seek House party Questing

Time[edit | edit source]

Players can input the time that the event is scheduled to start, using the 24-hour clock.

Players cannot set time zones for events, though the in-game clock uses Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Any clan member that logs in 24 hours before the event starts will be notified of the upcoming event; this occurs for the player once per day.

Join Rank[edit | edit source]

Players can set the rank for which players can participate in the event, ranging from Guest to Owner, alongside any customised ranks the player has set in the Titles settings

World[edit | edit source]

Players can input the world in which the event is planned to take place.

If an invalid world is selected (such as 73) the player is asked to input a valid world. Players can view a list of valid worlds in the world switching interface.

Duration (Days)[edit | edit source]

Players can input the number of days in which the event takes place. The maximum is 30.

Member list[edit | edit source]

The clan's list of members.

The Members settings displays a list of clan members. Players can use the drop-down menus on the top to choose what player data to see, display a range of ranks on the bottom, and search for player names.

  • Rank - The rank of the clan member. Players can change their rank from here.
  • Joined - The date in which the clan member joined the clan, displayed in DD-Mon-YYYY format.
  • Last seen - The date in which the clan member last logged in. This data is only stored for those with Administrator rank or above.
  • Skill total - The total level of the clan member. Only displayed for players on the same world as the one viewing the member list.
  • Combat level - The combat level of the clan member. Only displayed for players on the same world as the one viewing the member list.
  • Highscores - Displays a link to the clan member's HiScores.
  • Expel - Expels the clan member. A confirmation message will pop up asking if players would like to proceed.

Applicants[edit | edit source]

The clan's list of applicants.

The Applicants interface is where players can open up their clan for recruitment and view players who have applied to join the clan.

Players can click the "Invite applications" button on the top left to enable recruitment. Players can also set a minimum combat and total level required to apply.

The left side of the interface displays a list of applicants, and can be clicked on to display their skill levels on the right. Players can then accept or decline the application.

Players must stop inviting applications before being able to enter the Clan Hall and enter Edit Mode for events.

Clan Hall[edit | edit source]

The Clan Hall settings allows players to toggle the following. To change which ranks can enter and edit the clan hall, players must view the Permissions settings instead.

  • Home world - Choose whether or not to restrict accessibility of the Clan Hall to the clan's home world.
  • Lock hall - Choose whether or not to lock the Clan Hall to additional players. Players inside the Clan Hall when this setting is changed will not be kicked out.
  • Player count - Choose the amount of players that are allowed inside the Clan Hall. The maximum is 2,000.

Permissions[edit | edit source]

The permissions settings.

Players can set the permission access to an existing rank here, which allows the minimum rank set to edit the permissions for various features in the clan settings.

Management[edit | edit source]

There are six management settings. All but recruitment require a minimum of Administrator to change.

  • Edit rank titles - Sets the rank required to add or change the titles used for ranks.
  • Assign member ranks - Sets the rank required to assign ranks to lower ranked clan members. Players cannot edit the rank of a higher ranked clan member, nor can they edit their own rank to be higher than their current one.
  • Recruitment - Sets the rank required to invite other players into the clan and open up the clan for recruitment in the Applicants interface.
  • Expel members - Sets the rank required to expel lower ranked clan members from the clan.
  • Edit public profile - Sets the rank required to edit the main settings (ex. clan interests and home world)
  • Icons - Sets the rank required to edit the clan motif.

Chat[edit | edit source]

There are eight chat settings:

  • Talk in chat - Sets the rank required to talk in the clan chat.
  • Kick from chat - Sets the rank required to kick guests from the clan chat.
  • Ban from chat - Sets the rank required to ban and unban guests from the clan chat. Only available for ranks Administrator and above.
  • Guests may listen in chat - Choose whether to block guests from viewing the clan chat.
  • Guest minimum combat - Sets the minimum combat level for guests to join the clan chat. If changed, existing guests will not be kicked out.
  • Guest minimum skill total - Sets the minimum total level for guests to join the clan chat. If changed, existing guests will not be kicked out.
  • Guest minimum QP - Sets the minimum amount of quest points for guests to join the clan chat. If changed, existing guests will not be kicked out.
  • Guest Iron status - Sets the type of iron status for guests to join (Any Iron player, UIM only, or HCIM only). If changed, existing guests will not be kicked out.

Events[edit | edit source]

There are two events settings:

  • Organise events - Sets the rank required to enter Edit Mode for events.
  • Initiate Clan Wars - Sets the rank required to send and receive challenges in Clan Wars.

Coffer[edit | edit source]

There are two coffer settings:

  • Deposit into coffer - Sets the rank required to deposit coins into the Clan Coffer.
  • Withdraw from coffer - Sets the rank required to withdraw coins from the Clan Coffer.

Clan Hall[edit | edit source]

There are two Clan Hall settings:

  • Enter clan hall - Sets the rank required to enter the Clan Hall.
  • Edit clan hall - Sets the rank required to edit aspects of the Clan Hall in the clan hall settings further above this section.

Notifications[edit | edit source]

  • Joining/Leaving clan - Sets the rank required to have broadcast notifications when a clan member joins or leaves the clan.
  • Quest broadcasts - Sets the rank required to have broadcast notifications when a clan member completes a quest.
  • Loot broadcasts - Sets the rank required to have broadcast notifications when a clan member acquires a valuable drop or pet.
  • Loot broadcast value - Sets a threshold for the loot broadcasts setting. The maximum value is 2,147,483,647 coins.
  • Combat Achievement broadcasts - Sets the rank required to have broadcast notifications when a clan member completes a set of Combat Achievements.
  • Level-up broadcasts - Sets the rank required to have broadcast notifications when a clan member reaches the following milestone levels:
    • Every 10th level from 50-70
    • Every 5th level from 75-95
    • Every level from 96-99
    • Every 100th total level from 100-1000
    • Every 25th total level from 1000-2275
    • Total level 2277

Rank Titles[edit | edit source]

The rank title settings.

Clans have a number of ranks which can be assigned to individual members of that clan through the clan settings.

Rank Description
Clan icon - Jmod.png Jagex Moderator Jagex Moderators have full access to every clan.
Clan icon - Owner.png Owner The player who owns the clan, typically the person who created it.
Clan icon - Deputy owner.png Deputy Owner The player(s) who act as deputy owners, assigned by the owner.
Up to 4 customisable ranks from the table below
Clan icon - Administrator.png Administrator The player(s) who typically manage the clan.
Up to 10 customisable ranks from the table below
Clan icon - Guest.png Guest Guests who have not joined the clan.

14 ranks within a clan have a customisable name and corresponding icon, and can be any of the following 264 ranks:

List of customisable ranks
Army ranks 1
Clan icon - Dogsbody.png Dogsbody Clan icon - Minion.png Minion Clan icon - Recruit.png Recruit Clan icon - Pawn.png Pawn Clan icon - Private.png Private Clan icon - Corporal.png Corporal Clan icon - Novice.png Novice Clan icon - Sergeant.png Sergeant
Clan icon - Cadet.png Cadet
Army ranks 2
Clan icon - Page.png Page Clan icon - Noble.png Noble Clan icon - Adept.png Adept Clan icon - Legionnaire.png Legionnaire Clan icon - Lieutenant.png Lieutenant Clan icon - Proselyte.png Proselyte Clan icon - Captain.png Captain Clan icon - Major.png Major
Clan icon - General.png General Clan icon - Master.png Master
Army ranks 3
Clan icon - Officer.png Officer Clan icon - Commander.png Commander Clan icon - Colonel.png Colonel Clan icon - Brigadier.png Brigadier Admiral - Clan icon.png Admiral Clan icon - Marshal.png Marshal
Clan icon - Opal.png Opal Clan icon - Jade.png Jade Clan icon - Red Topaz.png Red Topaz Clan icon - Sapphire.png Sapphire Clan icon - Emerald.png Emerald Clan icon - Ruby.png Ruby Clan icon - Diamond.png Diamond Clan icon - Dragonstone.png Dragonstone
Clan icon - Onyx.png Onyx Clan icon - Zenyte.png Zenyte
Clan icon - Kitten.png Kitten Clan icon - Bob.png Bob Clan icon - Wily.png Wily Clan icon - Hellcat.png Hellcat Clan icon - Skulled.png Skulled Clan icon - Goblin.png Goblin Clan icon - Beast.png Beast Clan icon - Imp.png Imp
Clan icon - Gnome Child.png Gnome Child Clan icon - Gnome Elder.png Gnome Elder Clan icon - Short Green Guy.png Short Green Guy
Clan icon - Misthalinian.png Misthalinian Clan icon - Karamjan.png Karamjan Clan icon - Asgarnian.png Asgarnian Clan icon - Kharidian.png Kharidian Clan icon - Morytanian.png Morytanian Clan icon - Wild.png Wild Clan icon - Kandarin.png Kandarin Clan icon - Fremennik.png Fremennik
Clan icon - Tirannian.png Tirannian
Clan icon - Brassican.png Brassican Clan icon - Saradominist.png Saradominist Clan icon - Guthixian.png Guthixian Clan icon - Zamorakian.png Zamorakian Clan icon - Serenist.png Serenist Clan icon - Bandosian.png Bandosian Clan icon - Zarosian.png Zarosian Clan icon - Armadylean.png Armadylean
Clan icon - Xerician.png Xerician
Rune symbols
Clan icon - Air.png Air Clan icon - Mind.png Mind Clan icon - Water.png Water Clan icon - Earth.png Earth Clan icon - Fire.png Fire Clan icon - Body.png Body Clan icon - Cosmic.png Cosmic Clan icon - Chaos.png Chaos
Clan icon - Nature.png Nature Clan icon - Law.png Law Clan icon - Death.png Death Clan icon - Astral.png Astral Clan icon - Blood.png Blood Clan icon - Soul.png Soul Clan icon - Wrath.png Wrath
Clan icon - Diseased.png Diseased Clan icon - Pine.png Pine Clan icon - Wintumber.png Wintumber Clan icon - Oak.png Oak Clan icon - Willow.png Willow Clan icon - Maple.png Maple Clan icon - Yew.png Yew Clan icon - Blisterwood.png Blisterwood
Clan icon - Magic.png Magic
Clan icon - Attacker.png Attacker Clan icon - Enforcer.png Enforcer Clan icon - Defender.png Defender Clan icon - Ranger.png Ranger Clan icon - Priest.png Priest Clan icon - Magician.png Magician Clan icon - Runecrafter.png Runecrafter Clan icon - Medic.png Medic
Clan icon - Athlete.png Athlete Clan icon - Herbologist.png Herbologist Clan icon - Thief.png Thief Clan icon - Crafter.png Crafter Clan icon - Fletcher.png Fletcher Clan icon - Miner.png Miner Clan icon - Smith.png Smith Clan icon - Fisher.png Fisher
Clan icon - Cook.png Cook Clan icon - Firemaker.png Firemaker Clan icon - Lumberjack.png Lumberjack Clan icon - Slayer.png Slayer Clan icon - Farmer.png Farmer Clan icon - Constructor.png Constructor Clan icon - Hunter.png Hunter Clan icon - Skiller.png Skiller
Clan icon - Competitor.png Competitor
Clan icon - Holy.png Holy Clan icon - Unholy.png Unholy Clan icon - Natural.png Natural Clan icon - Sage.png Sage Clan icon - Destroyer.png Destroyer Clan icon - Mediator.png Mediator Clan icon - Legend.png Legend Clan icon - Myth.png Myth
Clan icon - TzTok.png TzTok Clan icon - TzKal.png TzKal Clan icon - Maxed.png Maxed
Clan icon - Anchor.png Anchor Clan icon - Apothecary.png Apothecary Clan icon - Merchant.png Merchant Clan icon - Feeder.png Feeder Clan icon - Harpoon.png Harpoon Clan icon - Carry.png Carry
Clan icon - Archer.png Archer Clan icon - Battlemage.png Battlemage Clan icon - Artillery.png Artillery Clan icon - Infantry.png Infantry Clan icon - Smiter.png Smiter Clan icon - Looter.png Looter Clan icon - Saviour.png Saviour Clan icon - Sniper.png Sniper
Clan icon - Crusader.png Crusader Clan icon - Spellcaster.png Spellcaster
Miscellaneous 1
Clan icon - Mentor.png Mentor Clan icon - Prefect.png Prefect Clan icon - Leader.png Leader Clan icon - Supervisor.png Supervisor Clan icon - Superior.png Superior Clan icon - Executive.png Executive Clan icon - Senator.png Senator Clan icon - Monarch.png Monarch
Clan icon - Scavenger.png Scavenger Clan icon - Labourer.png Labourer Clan icon - Worker.png Worker Clan icon - Forager.png Forager Clan icon - Hoarder.png Hoarder Clan icon - Prospector.png Prospector Clan icon - Gatherer.png Gatherer Clan icon - Collector.png Collector
Clan icon - Bronze.png Bronze Clan icon - Iron.png Iron Clan icon - Steel.png Steel Clan icon - Gold.png Gold Clan icon - Mithril.png Mithril Clan icon - Adamant.png Adamant Clan icon - Rune.png Rune Clan icon - Dragon.png Dragon
Clan icon - Protector.png Protector Clan icon - Bulwark.png Bulwark Clan icon - Justiciar.png Justiciar Clan icon - Sentry.png Sentry Clan icon - Guardian.png Guardian Clan icon - Warden.png Warden Clan icon - Vanguard.png Vanguard Clan icon - Templar.png Templar
Clan icon - Squire.png Squire Clan icon - Duellist.png Duellist Clan icon - Striker.png Striker Clan icon - Ninja.png Ninja Clan icon - Inquisitor.png Inquisitor Clan icon - Expert.png Expert Clan icon - Knight.png Knight Clan icon - Paladin.png Paladin
Clan icon - Goon.png Goon Clan icon - Brawler.png Brawler Clan icon - Bruiser.png Bruiser Clan icon - Scourge.png Scourge Clan icon - Fighter.png Fighter Clan icon - Warrior.png Warrior Clan icon - Barbarian.png Barbarian Clan icon - Berserker.png Berserker
Clan icon - Staff.png Staff Clan icon - Crew.png Crew Clan icon - Helper.png Helper Clan icon - Moderator.png Moderator Clan icon - Sheriff.png Sheriff
Miscellaneous 2
Clan icon - Red.png Red Clan icon - Orange.png Orange Clan icon - Yellow.png Yellow Clan icon - Green.png Green Clan icon - Blue.png Blue Clan icon - Purple.png Purple Clan icon - Pink.png Pink Clan icon - Grey.png Grey
Clan icon - Wizard.png Wizard Clan icon - Trickster.png Trickster Clan icon - Illusionist.png Illusionist Clan icon - Summoner.png Summoner Clan icon - Necromancer.png Necromancer Clan icon - Warlock.png Warlock Clan icon - Witch.png Witch Clan icon - Seer.png Seer
Clan icon - Assassin.png Assassin Clan icon - Cutpurse.png Cutpurse Clan icon - Bandit.png Bandit Clan icon - Scout.png Scout Clan icon - Burglar.png Burglar Clan icon - Rogue.png Rogue Clan icon - Smuggler.png Smuggler Clan icon - Brigand.png Brigand
Clan icon - Defiler.png Defiler Clan icon - Pure.png Pure Clan icon - Champion.png Champion Clan icon - Epic.png Epic Clan icon - Mystic.png Mystic Clan icon - Hero.png Hero Clan icon - Trialist.png Trialist Clan icon - Oracle.png Oracle
Clan icon - Scholar.png Scholar Clan icon - Councillor.png Councillor Clan icon - Recruiter.png Recruiter Clan icon - Learner.png Learner Clan icon - Scribe.png Scribe Clan icon - Assistant.png Assistant Clan icon - Teacher.png Teacher Clan icon - Coordinator.png Coordinator
Clan icon - Walker.png Walker Clan icon - Speed-Runner.png Speed-Runner Clan icon - Wanderer.png Wanderer Clan icon - Pilgrim.png Pilgrim Clan icon - Vagrant.png Vagrant Clan icon - Record-chaser.png Record-chaser Clan icon - Racer.png Racer Clan icon - Strider.png Strider
Clan icon - Doctor.png Doctor Clan icon - Nurse.png Nurse Clan icon - Druid.png Druid Clan icon - Healer.png Healer Clan icon - Zealot.png Zealot Clan icon - Cleric.png Cleric Clan icon - Shaman.png Shaman Clan icon - Therapist.png Therapist
Clan icon - Gamer.png Gamer Clan icon - Adventurer.png Adventurer Clan icon - Explorer.png Explorer Clan icon - Achiever.png Achiever Clan icon - Quester.png Quester Clan icon - Raider.png Raider Clan icon - Completionist.png Completionist Clan icon - Elite.png Elite
Clan icon - Firestarter.png Firestarter Clan icon - Specialist.png Specialist Clan icon - Burnt.png Burnt Clan icon - Pyromancer.png Pyromancer Clan icon - Prodigy.png Prodigy Clan icon - Ignitor.png Ignitor Clan icon - Artisan.png Artisan Clan icon - Legacy.png Legacy

Ban list[edit | edit source]

The clan ban list.

Players can view the clan's ban list here. It displays all current players that are banned from joining the clan's chat or entering the Clan Hall as a guest. Clan members can search for specific banned players by clicking the search icon in the bottom right, or to exit the search results.

Clan members with the ranks Administrator and above can add players to be banned, or to unban a player from the clan.

Leave Clan[edit | edit source]

This prompts a confirmation message on whether players truly wish to leave the clan or not. Players who leave the clan cannot rejoin again unless someone with the rank to recruit players invites them back.

Clan Owners must resign via the main settings before leaving the clan.