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Clan Statues was removed after an update.
As the contents of this page no longer exist in Old School RuneScape, this article is preserved for historical purposes.

For the 2014 cup, statues were erected for the five victors: Reign of Terror, Ancient Fury, Fatality, Stud Unit and Hexis. Final Ownage Elite had a statue of their own added the following year. The six statues were circled around the 2013 trophy at Clan Wars. Each statue featured a likeness of one of the clan's members, banners in the clan's colours and the clan's initials (apart from Hexis) at the base.

In clockwise order:

  • The Reign of Terror (red) character was the only figure not wearing gear or performing an animation. The figure appeared as the clan's iconic character build - dark skinned, bald, with a black beard and pink short-sleeved shirt and shorts. Reading the statue showed all fifteen of RoT's victories over the course of the three cups.

The Final Ownage Elite (blue and white) character wore a Cream hat, a Ghostly robe top and bottom, Mithril gloves, Wizard boots, a Team-30 cape and an Amulet of fury. He wielded a Mage's book and a Master wand, and posed with one foot upon an Adamant helm (h4) with skulls around his feet. Reading the statue showed FoE were Pure Cup Champions in 2015.

  • The Fatality (light green) character wore a Green partyhat, ghostly robe top and bottom, Mithril gloves, wizard boots, a Guthix cape and an Amulet of fury (or). He wielded a Mage's book and a Staff of the dead, and appears casting a magic spell. He also had green skulls piled around his feet. Reading the statue showed FI were F2P and P2P Pure Champions in 2014.

The Clan Statues were removed with the relocation of the Clan Wars lobby to the Ferox Enclave in July 2020, though the 2013 cup remained and was updated to have an extensive list of all the victories throughout all three of the annual tournaments.