Clan Wars

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Clan Wars
Clan Wars.png
Released 19 June 2014 (Update)
Type Minigame
Members No
Location Ferox Enclave
Participants 1+
Skills Combat
Requirements None
Reward currency N/A
Tutorial No
Music Clan wars
Clan Wars logo.jpg

Clan Wars is a safe minigame located in Ferox Enclave, in a safe area of the Wilderness.

Clan Wars allows members of two opposing Clan Chats to engage in player-versus-player combat against one another.

There exists a white free-for-all portal in addition to the normal ones. This portal is used by players to practice, to have fun in a PvP zone, or to restore drained stats and Hitpoints upon exiting. Many PKers also use it to reset their Skull (status) by quickly getting killed by someone in there.

The purple portals are often used by PvP Clans to practice among their members or to fight against other clans. It is seldom used by casual Clan Chats. Instead, the free-for-all white portal is more popular.

Getting there[edit | edit source]

There are three safe methods of reaching Ferox Enclave that does not require players to traverse the Wilderness:

Setting up a clan fight[edit | edit source]

When challenging another clan, leaders may customise the terms and conditions for winning. Once the leaders have agreed, the minigame will begin. Only ranking members who are a captain or higher are able to initiate challenges. Clanmates will be notified in the clan chat that a war has begun and can enter the purple portal. There will be a two-minute timer and a wall separating clans. At the end of the two-minute timer, the walls will collapse and the battle will begin.

Players who die will be sent to a jail where depending on the game option, can go back in or will be unable to fight again. There is also an option to watch the fight at any time via orbs scattered across the map.

Clan war settings

Game mode[edit | edit source]

Mode Conditions
Last team standing The battle ends when all members of a team have been defeated.

Fighters may not join or re-join the battle after it has begun.

First to X kills
  • 25 kills
  • 50 kills
  • 100 kills
  • 200 kills
  • 500 kills
  • 1,000 kills
  • 5,000 kills
  • 10,000 kills
The first team to score X kills will win.

Fighters may enter the battle at any time.

Most kills
  • 5 minutes
  • 10 minutes
  • 20 minutes
  • 60 minutes
  • 120 minutes
The team with the most kills for X minutes will win.

Fighters may enter the battle at any time.

  • 100 points
  • 300 points
  • 500 points
The first team to hold the oddskull for X points will win.

Combat options[edit | edit source]

Setting Option Description
Melee Allowed Melee combat is allowed.
Disabled Melee combat is disabled.
Ranging Allowed Ranging is allowed.
Disabled Ranging is disabled.
Magic All spellbooks All spellbooks are allowed.
Standard spells Only the standard spellbook is allowed
Binding only Only the Bind, Snare and Entangle spells are allowed.
Disabled No magical combat is allowed.
Food Allowed Food may be eaten during the battle
Disabled No food may be eaten during the battle
Drinks Allowed Drinks, such as potions, may be used during the battle.
Disabled No drinks may be consumed during the battle.
Prayer Allowed All prayers are allowed.
No overheads Prayers that use an overhead icon are forbidden. Other prayers are allowed.
Disabled No prayers are allowed
Special Attacks Allowed Special attacks are allowed
No Staff of the Dead The Staff of the dead cannot use its special attack, but all other special attacks are allowed.
Disabled Special attacks are forbidden.
Team cap Uncapped As many players in a Clan Chat can enter the battle.
Capped The fight can be restricted to a certain number of players: 5 v 5, 10 v 10, 15 v 15, 20 v 20 and 30 v 30.
Leaving channel Counts as death If a player leaves the Clan Chat mid-battle, it will count as a death.
No penalty No penalty is incurred if a player leaves the Clan Chat mid-battle.
Rejoining Unrestricted Players can immediately rejoin the battle upon death.
60 sec delay Players must wait for a minute before being able to rejoin the battle.
Miscellaneous Ignore freezing If freezing is ignored, spells such as Entangle and Ice Barrage will not prevent their targets from moving. Damage dealt by the spells will be applied normally.
PJ timer In single-way combat areas, the PJ timer prevents players from being attacked for 10 secs after they have been attacking someone else.
Single Spells If Single Spells is enabled, multi-target attacks (such as chinchompas) will hit only one target, even in multi-way combat areas.
Trident If this option is enabled, the trident of the seas can be used against players.
Stragglers Kill'em all A team will lose the battle if it has no fighters in the arena.
Ignore 5 A team will lose the battle if it has 5 fighters or fewer in the arena.

Purple Portal Arenas[edit | edit source]

To join a fight, players must be in a clan chat, and a ranking member that's captain or higher must initiate a war with another clan chat. When the war has been initiated, players have 2 minutes to enter the arena before the war starts. Depending on the settings, once this 2 minute timer is up, players may or may not be able to enter the battle. There can only be a maximum of 100 players per side for a total of 200 players maximum.

There are a total of 12 maps that players can choose for the purple portal. Four of the maps are members-only. Each map has certain advantages and disadvantages for teams and fighting styles. Below are the available maps for the purple portal arena.

Free-to-play[edit | edit source]

Arena Description Image Map
Wasteland A dead land filled with lava, dead trees and rocks. Near each portal, there is a single combat area. Clan Wars Arena - Wasteland.png Clan Wars Arena - Wasteland map.png
Plateau A platform of rock amidst a sea of lava with very few obstacles. Clan Wars Arena - Plateau.png Clan Wars Arena - Plateau map.png
Sylvan Glade An arena filled with trees that block line-of-sight. Clan Wars Arena - Sylvan Glade.png Clan Wars Arena - Sylvan Glade map.png
Forsaken Quarry An arena filled with small rocks that do not block line-of-sight. Clan Wars Arena - Forsaken Quarry.png Clan Wars Arena - Forsaken Quarry map.png
Turrets Ranger and mages may like to ascend the many turrets in this arena to fire down at targets below. Clan Wars Arena - Turrets.png Clan Wars Arena - Turrets map.png
Clan Cup Arena Adapted from the arena used in the 2013 Clan Cup. Clan Wars Arena - Clan Cup Arena.png Clan Wars Arena - Clan Cup Arena map.png
Soggy Swamp A waterlogged marshland filled with roots and rotten trees. Clan Wars Arena - Ghastly Swamp.png Clan Wars Arena - Ghastly Swamp map.png
Classic The original Clan Wars classic map from RuneScape. Clan Wars Arena - Classic.png Clan Wars Arena - Classic map.png
Lumbridge Castle The ground floor[UK]1st floor[US] of Lumbridge Castle, including the exterior courtyard. The two gatehouses serve as jails for fallen fighters. The main gate and rear entrance are sealed. Clan Wars Arena - Lumbridge Castle.png Clan Wars Arena - Lumbridge Castle Map.png
Falador Park A copy of Falador Park. The teams spawn at the two entrances to the park. The entrances are sealed, and combat is confined to the inside of the park fence. Cassie's Shield Shop and the Estate agent's house serve as the holding cells for fallen fighters. Clan Wars Arena - Falador Park.png Clan Wars Arena - Falador Park Map.png

Members[edit | edit source]

Arena Description Image Map
Ghastly Swamp Like the Soggy Swamp, but with aggressive ghasts that may rot your food or steal your health. Clan Wars Arena - Ghastly Swamp.png Clan Wars Arena - Ghastly Swamp map.png
Northleach Quell A snowy area filled with sunken boats and broken bits of wood. Clan Wars Arena - Northleach Quell.png Clan Wars Arena - Northleach Quell map.png
Gridlock A huge four-way multi-mountain map suited for King-of-the-Hill modes with rangers and mages. Clan Wars Arena - Gridlock.png Clan Wars Arena - Gridlock map.png
Ethereal A strange realm in the clouds, where mystic symbols can be used to teleport around the arena. Energy sprites are present to keep the mystic symbols active; killing them will prevent players from using the symbols for one minute. Clan Wars Arena - Ethereal.png Clan Wars Arena - Ethereal map.png

Purple Portal Strategies & Tactics[edit | edit source]

A clan falling in on their leader at the start of the battle.

Falling In[edit | edit source]

A popular strategy in F2P fights is falling in. At the beginning of the war and throughout the war, a member of the clan types "fall in" and everybody follows this person into battle. The fall in leader's job is to keep everyone organized and together so that everyone is going to the same place. This is a tactic commonly utilised in F2P fights but rarely in P2P fights. One reason for this is because in members worlds, barraging is common so if everyone is together, this makes it easier for the opposing team to ice barrage a huge amount of players.

A clan piling an unfortunate member of the opposing team.

Piling[edit | edit source]

Piling is when multiple people on your team are attacking one opponent. This is also a common tactic utilised in F2P PvP scenarios because if you have more people attacking your opponent, the faster it will be to kill them. If you have enough players targeting an opposing player, and their defense level is also low, you may be able to kill them faster than they are able to heal themselves with food. Clan leaders often utilise this tactic by calling out the name of an opponent to pile next, either through voice chat or through in game chat.

Players camping on this turret during a game of Clan Wars

Camping or DDing[edit | edit source]

This is also a common strategy in F2P wars and occasionally P2P as well. One team goes to a certain area on the map and camps there and waits for the opposing team to come to them. This is commonly utilised on the turrets map as the castles throughout the arena can be used to range or mage at incoming enemies. One advantage to this strategy is that it makes it easier for everyone on your team to stick together in one spot. The disadvantage is that if the opposing clan manages to trap or overwhelm you, then it's harder to recover from.

Freezing or Snaring[edit | edit source]

Magic is very important in team PvP situations in both free to play and pay to play. This is why using spells to freeze your opponent in place is very common in most battles. In P2P, mages have access to ice barrage which prevents enemy players from moving. Against opponents who are only using melee, ice barrage is a very effective strategy against them as it neutralizes their ability to fight back.

In free to play wars, magic is also very important and frequently used. F2P mages have access to snare which is a spell that freezes an opponent for 10 seconds. Snare is very important in F2P wars as it can freeze people who are trying to run away, giving your team a new target to pile. The downside to maging in F2P worlds is having very poor defensive stats. To make up for this, many mages will also have rune armour in their inventory and quickly switch to wearing their rune armour if they are attacked by opposing players.

Free-for-all[edit | edit source]

A map of the free-for-all area.

In addition to the purple portals, there is also a free-for-all portal west of the bank area. Players will be able to recognise it by its white colour. Unlike the purple portals, there are no set teams or setting up fights between clans. Instead, it is a place where players can challenge each other one-on-one, or in multi-combat zones without having to worry about losing their items.

This portal is often used by players to restore drained stats (including Hitpoints, Prayer and run energy) and cure poison, as entering the portal and exiting it (via itself or a teleport) will restore stats and cure venom and poison.

The free-for-all portal is also a popular place for players to AFK train Magic, especially in F2P. Two players wield armour, which makes their attacks always miss, start attacking each other and they go AFK. Since the fight never ends, and players get experience even if they miss, this is a decent way to train Magic.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
16 July 2020

The minigame has been moved from the Giants' Plateau to Ferox Enclave.

16 July 2015

Moved some invisible walls on the Lumbridge Castle Clan Wars map.

16 April 2015
(update | poll)

Clan wars classic has been tweaked to be more like the original map.

6 November 2014
(update | poll)

The Classic Arena is added to Clan Wars as an additional arena.

24 July 2014
(update | poll)
  • Members of your team no longer have Attack as their left-click option, as if you were all wearing the same team cape.
  • A Clan Wars minigame channel has been added to the minigame channel list.
10 July 2014

Players inside clan wars viewing orbs are no longer visible on the minimap.

26 June 2014
(update | poll)

The whole of the Wasteland map is now multi-way combat and some trees have been added. Viewing orbs will now be shown on the minimap. A new arena, Soggy Swamp, has been added to the list. On F2P worlds, unavailable arenas are now easier to see.