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A clean necklace is obtained by cleaning uncleaned finds at the specimen table in the Varrock Museum, requiring completion of The Dig Site quest. Its drop rate is 1/51.[1] The necklace may be worn and it is identical to a ruby necklace when worn.

Obtaining it quickly requires clicking specimen rocks to get uncleaned finds, cleaning them, then dropping everything for more uncleaned finds unless the player needs kudos or rarely an antique lamp yielding 500 experience.

Once found, when talking to one of the archaeologists in the area the player will learn how to enchant ruby necklaces to make Digsite pendants.

Note: The clean necklace (including duplicates) will be removed from the player's inventory and afterwards will become unobtainable. In order to keep a duplicate, the player should drop one of the necklaces and turn the other one in.

To check if the clean necklace has been found already, cast Lvl-3 Enchant or use an enchant ruby or topaz tablet on a ruby necklace, or talk to Curator Haig Halen and a chat option will be "How do I get a medallion?" Attempting to enchant a ruby necklace before learning about the clean necklace results in the game message: "You have not yet discovered the secret to enchanting ruby necklaces."

References[edit | edit source]

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