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Digsite pendant detail.png

Clean necklaces are obtained by cleaning uncleaned finds in the Varrock Museum which requires completion of The Dig Site quest. It is obtained at a rate of 1/51 from cleaning uncleaned finds at the specimen table.[1]

To speed up the process, players can spam click the Dig Site specimen rocks to pick up uncleaned finds at a four times faster rate. After cleaning all of them, drop all items received in the inventory and pick up more uncleaned finds. Placing items in the storage crate is generally not worth the time spent, as the best reward is a rare 500 exp antique lamp.

After finding it, players must then talk to one of the archaeologists cleaning finds in the same roped-off section of the museum. They will teach the player how to enchant a ruby necklace to make a Digsite pendant, and they will remove the clean necklace from the player's inventory. The necklace may be worn, although it has the same appearance as a ruby necklace.

It cannot be obtained again once it has been given to an archaeologist. The only method to check if the player has previously found the clean necklace is by attempting to cast lvl-3 enchant, or alternatively use an enchant ruby or topaz tablet, on a ruby necklace.

References[edit | edit source]

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